Chief Elder Osiris : Afrikan Black Nationalist And American Black Nationalist

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    Afrikan Black Nationalist And American Black Nationalist

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When dealing with the action that Black Nationalism represent and imply, there is no substitute for such direct action nor is there room for compromise when claiming a conviction to Black Nationalism and the Black Nationalist has only one goal in Mind and that is to fight to cause Afrika to become Afrika again and to be under the stewardship of the Black Afrikans in Afrika and to the Afrikan Black Nationalist taken away from Afrika, their goal and objective is to stay safe while fighting to obtain the Reparation owed to our Enslaved Ancestors and to demand the respect to be given the choice as to where we desire to be and having the right to return to Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation for purpose to become the next established State in Afrika and to do what is necessary to do to bring about the Unity of the Afrikan People in Afrika and the reconnection to the Land of Afrika in a position of power and authority to govern the Land of Afrika and the Lives of the Black Afrikan, all to take place in Afrika, that is what Black Nationalism is about and what the respectful Black Nationalist goal and objective is.

    The American Black Nationalist are those who make claim with a desire to remain in America and mislead Black people in America claiming that Black Nationalism is about Black Community development in America and that Black people can gain control of their America Community and as for Afrika, the Counterfeit American Black Nationalist make claim to be Pan Afrikanist by advocating a imitation to Afrika and the Afrikan People by establishing a trading route with the Afrikan in Afrika by sending Can Goods and hand me down clothes to the Sisters and Brothers in Afrika and limited selfish investment in Afrika Business enterprise, while remaining in America, as if such a second hand relationship with Afrika and the Afrikan People will serve as a benefit to Afrika and the Afrikan People.

    There is a claim that by selecting Obama as President of America, that selection silent the advocating and need of Black Nationalist in America, well it may be so for the American Black Nationalist but not so for the Afrikan Black Nationalist in America, Obama and America is not qualified to conquer the call and need for Afrikan Black Nationalism coming from the Afrikan Black Nationalist in America, such a philosophy, Ideology, and Opinion coming from the Divine Mind of the Afrikan Black Nationalist will not and can not ever be silenced, because such an advocating is destined to be fulfilled and yes, Afrika and the Black Afrikan will rise again in Unity, that is if the World is to survive Nature Fury.

    Afrikan Black Nationalism is about Pan Afrikan action which mean that the Afrikan Black Nationalist will not rest until Afrika the Land and the Black Afrikans the People, are reunited and the only Cargo to be shipped to Afrika is to be the Afrikan Black Nationalist, Children Of The Middle Passage, that is what Divine Black Nationalism is about and any Afrikan in America claiming to be Black Nationalist and do not have Afrika as their Goal and Objective in an action of returning to Afrika for the benefit of Afrika and the Afrikan People, then those phony Black Nationalist serve as a disgrace to our Afrikan Ancestors and is an Enemy to Afrika and to the Afrikan in Afrika Reunification, which is to be orchestrated by the Afrikan Black Nationalist wherever we are with the intent of returning to Afrika, that is if we are not already there in Afrika.

    Black People in America will not ever be in a position to control our lives and community in America, here we are in the belly of America fascism and arrogant Race Superiority over Black People and Americans White Power is not of a mind that would allow Black People to be in control of their Mind not to mention America Land, a Land ill gotten by white Americans, using the action of cheating, lying, deceiving and murder in order to gain control of this land call America and then white America proceeded to establish an institution call Chattel Slavery and went to Afrika for the purpose of activating that institution call Chattel Slavery with our Afrikan Ancestors so that America can be built.

    Therefore any so call American Black Nationalist who would sanctify such action used by white Americans in order to gain possession of America and to construct America with the use of our Afrikan Ancestors as their Slaves, those American Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans are an insult to the Black Race and is a Traitor to Our Enslaved Ancestors and to Afrika and become a party to America Evil, as you claim to be a Black Afrikan American.

    A Divine True Afrikan Black Nationalist advocate Race First and that Afrika is for the Afrikan, without Compromise, and there is no amount of Obamanism that can change that Divine truth and Reality concerning Afrika and the Black Afrikan Race!!!

    So No Beloved, the selection of Obama as America President, in no way silence the advocating of the Afrikan Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan, not when such a call is in behalf of Afrika and for the Afrikan Black Nationalist to become Independent, Sovereign, and free in Afrika.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Yes, there is a vast difference in advocating Afrikan Black Nationalism as oppose to American Black Nationalism, the two are in conflict with each other and do in fact travel two different Geopolitical Path, one is for the Liberation of Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation and the other is for becoming American Melting Pot Dwellers, so you choose which path you will travel, beloved.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]