Black People : Afrikan And Black People, The First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism Perspective

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    Afrikan And Black People, The First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism Perspective

    Hoteph Beloved sisters and Brothers:

    When members of the First way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism And the Sankofa Repatriation Movement ( fwioam/srm ) share our thoughtful perspective, it is not to convince or entice you to subscribe to a Divine way of Thinking, which is the mental method, Members of the fwioam/srm practice, it is to present to you a way of Thinking that Black people have long abandon, not by decisive will, but by coerce and influenced choice, a method that used to have Black people believing that the decision we make about those events that affect our Life action, is our very independent own and nothing is as far away from the Divine Truth than such a belief, coming from Black People.

    Afrikan people and not Black people are always giving our belief and summation about what need to be done in order to have Afrika to be a better place to live and what Afrikan people believe ( not think ) we should do that will cause the Afrikan Life to be better and such mental involvement is based totally on what we believe is best for Afrika and Afrikans and not Black people, because when dealing with the problems of Black people, it require you to Think Divinely.

    So we confused people who do not know whom we are as a independent Homogeneous Black Ethnic Group, which is no more, yet we are native of this earth with a resident on earth, in a place that no longer carry the identity given to it by our Ancient First way Ancestors, so we now refer to it as Afrika and ourselves as Afrikans and we now attempt to imply that those terms came out from the Mind of our Black First Way Ancestors and with the type of mind we Afrikans now have, it is no wonder we the people, confuse as we are about ourselves, do not know whom we are, therefore we are prevented from being qualified from knowing what is actually the solution to a problem that has a people who do not know whom we are, faking as if we do have an idea of what we need to do, that will affect our confused life, not to free it, but to make it better.

    The fwioam/srm, we first approach a people calling themselves Afrikans and everything else the Human Being approve of, they being entirely different from the Afrikan Afrika, the Afrikan American, the Afrikan European, The Afrikan Arab and on down to us becoming the substratum of our own Tribal selves, by identifying ourselves by the geographical area we find ourselves located on this planet and it has been surveyed and carved up to represent those places we now identify Black people to be, which is less than being Black and such surveyors happen to be those people referring to themselves as Human Beings, a people with such a Racist chip on their shoulder, until they have succeeded in having us Afrikans to believe that they really are superior over us Afrikans, in every way, because at this present Time they control everything we believe about ourselves and themselves, and about the happening that goes on on this planet, the Afrikan I speak of, and with such a Human Being Mind guiding the Afrikan Life, there is no way the Afrikan will come to discover that we have been led up a path of belief that is linear, giving you no room for your Mind to cyclically travel, and with such a handicap mind, belief of what the Human Being tell us is all we have to deal with, when pretending to be on a search for a way that will allow us to treat our Life with dignity, when in fact we only seek a better Life and not a Divine Life that revolve in an action that is in harmony, order, and Balance with the action of the universe Elemental Forces and objects, they that relate Divinely with each other in action.

    It is the fwioam/srm thoughts that any Afrikan conference, meeting, organization or forum, and Gathering , all done claiming it to be in the best interest of, Not Black People but Afrikan People, all such efforts will render such effort futile and will be none productive nor will it be constructive, for a collective all confused people, calling ourselves Afrikans, while we are in any and every which kind of a way we find ourselves, except the Black way, all to avoid from identifying ourselves, as that Eternal Infinite Essence has so produced us to be in this Universe, with a Geno-typical Phenotype that distinguish us so call Afrikans from all other Ethnics that is a Native of this planet call Earth and that Phenotypical difference can not be duplicated, no matter how often we may try to assimilate such a difference and that impossibility is real, because in our act of Miscegenation, the act is not with an Afrikan but with a Black once Divine Being, whose phenotype maintain itself, even though you may mix in the wash with all sort of linen.

    When dealing Divinely with the problems that are choking the Hell into Afrikan People, you must come to the realization of whom we so call Afrikans are, and the only way you can begin to walk the path of self enlightenment, is to first acknowledge the Universal Naturalness of your Geno-typically Phenotype, which happen to be not Afrikan but your Black Characteristics, and yes, that is significant, and it does indicate a difference from the Surface to the Inside where your organic quality is in action.

    So in all of your different form of gathering and you do not acknowledge such a Divine Difference that is operating on this planet, in the form of the Anthropomorphous Ethnological Beings, then Afrikan, you will no way be qualified to deal with the problems affecting, not Afrikans, but Black people, a people who no longer know whom we are, just that we believe what we are not, such is a dangerous handicap for the Afrikan to wear, wanting only a better life and not a life of Divine Freedom.

    The fwioam/srm know that when dealing with the problems that now confront Black people and not Afrikan people, you are required to know the Chronology of whom you are and the cause of the problems we now do not have the solution to, and it is all because we are approaching those problems from a Afrikan Belief perspective.

    The fwioam/srm so declare that knowing your origin, your place where your Black Roots are, qualifies you to be capable of coming up with the formula that is required in order to solve the problems that have Black people claiming to be something that we are not, as we attempt to use all sorts of fancy belief, in order to deal with a problem that require a Divine knowledgeable formula, in order to solve the problem that have us religious bounded, claiming belief equal faith, hope, and claiming that they all are equal in having the ability to solve our Life problems and because religion is the formula used to attempt to solve the Afrikan problems, Afrika and the Afrikan remain in the present condition we now observe ourselves in.

    The fwioam/srm say, when dealing Divinely with Black people problems and the Focus is not Global nor diversely segmented, which is the way Afrikans deal with problems affecting Afrikans, we the fwioam/srm approach the Black problems in a very pragmatic way, which require you to not believe, not use faith and not get bogged down in hope, but to Divinely Think of the solution to the problem, which will allow you to know the True cause and Effect that those problematic events are causing to the Lives of, not Afrikans, but to Black people, because in the confine of the Divine Mind, members of the fwioam/srm, we have the concept of the Black Divine Being and it most certainly is not the precept of the Human Being and the Black Divine Concept is that the action coming from the Human Beings against the Black World is a Racist and unjustified prejudice act, meaning that the Human Being action against Black people have all to do about Race, if not,then why did the Human Being choose to attack Black People and to formulate a New Mental construct, as to how Black people is to be believed to be and how we are to be treated in a Multi-Ethnic World.

    We have the Human Being claiming superiority over the Black Divine Being and it all was based of the Race pigment of Black people and not intelligence, because the Black Beings had displayed their Divine Mind to be that of a goddess and gods, based on the quality of Civilization Black people was qualified to present to the world.

    So tell me, who first created the notion of Race and used such a biological formation of Black people to become a Racial social classification in the world of so call white Human Beings and they succeeded in developing an antagonizing attitude and behavior to be acted out by people of a different pigment Hew, toward and against Black people, so in the Divine Mind of the fwioam/srm, Race is a reality in this present evil world, and only the Afrikan live to deny such a phenotypical Divine Natural Truth and that is why the Afrikan will never be able to solve the Racist problems that now have the Black Life in a genocide mode, operating with such a vain profane Mind.

    The fwioam/srm are very Divine Mind Thinking people and in our Divine Mind Action, it teach Black people that unless those confused Afrikans in Afrika, Europe, Asia, South America, and North America and else where on this planet, and especially those Afrikan Americans, unless we become qualified to reclaim our Divine Mind, we will not be able to see why at this present moment that the Time is not appropiate for the so call Afrikans to be contemplating a USA of Afrika and only the Black Being is qualified to know and understand why Afrika is not ready to become a United State of Afrika and it is all because the so call Afrikan has not done the thing that will bring Afrika forward, to the level that Afrika States are to be united.

    You can not unite a Divided Nation without doing what is required to be done, in order for such unity to serve the States of, not Afrikans, but Black People equally, and Just, the same apply to the Afrikan American, you can not make claim to searching for Justice in america when you do not take into consideration that Justice for Black people is not americans to render and I say Black people because the Afrikan american do not have their behind on receiving Justice from america USA, just a better life and periodical advancements, such IS Ok with the Afrikan america, knowing that such crumbs are not for all Afrikan americans, which leave the majority of Afrikan americans to serve as the privileged Afrikan american foot stool, as they take pleasure in emulating their Human Being Masters, and since Black People know that White Folks Lie to the Afrikans Afrika and Afrikan americans alike, so does the Afrikan america lie as well, to the same Afrikan people white folks lie to every day.

    The fwioam/srm know that as long as Afrikan americans do not know the True Evil disorder that govern the world, meaning all governments of the world, then we will continue telling lies to Afrikan americans that a constructive change can be realized in america for all Afrikan americans, yet in the Afrikan american Human Being Mind, only the struggle is for advancement, betterment, upward mobility within the social economic structure of the Afrikan america social structure never desiring to participate in the action that will lead to a Black Nation building in that place referred to as Afrika, as the Afrikan american continue misleading the Afrikan americans, telling them that such a thing as community economic development is equated with acheiving freedom, Independence, and Justice in america, when all the Time the Afrikan american believe that such principles should not be the desire of the Afrikan american, even though the Afrikan american in their call for Afrikan americans to attend those Afrikan american gathering, they lie as if freedom, Independence, and Justice is their goal and Afrika and the Black Nation unification is their goal as well, when in fact, you can not get the Afrikan america to take up the issue of Reparation as an issue of Liberation, away from america, nor Repatriation and most certainly not Statehood in Afrika for the Black Diaspora Members of the Black Nation, in that place call Afrika, yet such is the desired goal of the fwioam/srm and all other Divine up and coming Black People, because the unification of Afrika the Land and Black people in Afrika, such is the overall Divine Goal of the fwioam/srm..

    The fwioam/srm so declare that there is no Afrikan that know what it mean to be Divinely Black and that all else that stake a claim to be Afrikan, serve to be the Victims of the Human Beings of this evil world.

    There is no Natural occurence as there being an Afrikan Culture, such is only an acquired attitudinal behavioral style of living, at the present Time, it does not matter whether you live in Afrika or else where, there is no Afrikan that have come to know who we are and that is why the Afrikan has a problem with being Black, because to be Black is to know the meaning and reason for your Blackness and when you know whom you are, then there is a Divine Mind that guide you in the way such a Life of Black people should be lived, which is Divinely United in an action of Harmony, Order, and Balance, and thereform is developed the pristine Black Divine Culture develoved by not Afrikans but Black People, Divine we once were..

    The fwioam/srm say to you that the Afrikan lie when they mislead you into believing that the Human Beings politics is the way the Afrikan american should go when seeking justice and equality in america, when in fact such is not the desire of the Afrikan american, they also lie to the Afrikan american when urging you to Vote, claiming it will get you Justice in america, because in america, Justice is far more distant than a vote, and such require Divine mental and physical action to acheive, as a matter of fact, Justice only hold promise in that place referred to as Afrika, where only Black people will be privileged to Divine Justice, because Afrikans desire no justice, because Justice come only to Black people united in a United state Of Black People in that place call Afrika, with the understanding that Afrika is for Black People..

    The fwioam/srm states, as it is now, the world is controlled by a few Hundred Filthy Wealthy Human Being families and they have formed themselves into a fraternity, some refer to as the Illuminati, better still they are the Lucerferian of the World, hell bent on either controlling the World or die trying, they sit under their created canopy referred to as the institution of Religion, the instrument used to control the mind of the Afrikan World, which was created by born liars and deceivers, the Human Beings which they are, they are the Satans and devils, the Lucefers of the world and all that is not their children or consented agents, they serve as pawns, the slave as foot stool to the Illuminati Lucerferian, leaders carrying the False deceiving Light of profane knowledge.

    The fwioam/srm say that it is a common accepted saying that all things are possible but the fwioam/srm says not so, because it is impossible for Divine Truth And Reality to Unite with profane Lies and Deception, they being the traits of the Human Beings of this World.

    The fwioam/srm leave you with this, and you may take it or leave it alone, It Is Time for Black People to Unite To Become One Black Nation Of Divine Quality Again, And Such Unity Must Be A Dense Homogeneous Unity of Black People, there, in the place referred to as Afrika and that place call Afrika must become a United Land again as well, under the authority and control of not Afrikans but Black People,because anybody and anything now days make claim to be Afrikan but anything and anybody can not make claim to be Black and hold a straigth phenotypical Black Face, having Black off-springs to support such a claim.

    The fwioam/srm thoughts are not to be taken by you as if we desire to impose fwioam/srm way of Thinking on anybody, Black, Afrikan, or other wise, this is just an act of sharing, realizing you have the right to accept or reject and all that is shared with you by the fwioam/srm, yet you who are interested in learning more about such a Divine way of not believing, but Thinking, you may contact goddess Isis at [email protected]>,

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
    Pan-Afrikan Inter'National Movement,Garvey Style
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