Chief Elder Osiris : Afrikan Americans Without A Spiritual Connection To Afrika

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    Why The Descendants Of The Enslaved, Is Without A Spiritual Connection With Afrika?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The subject matter of this Missive is not asking a question that implies to be in search of an answer, the subject of this Missive is stating an answer about the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors Afrikan Spirituality in-activeness as for as Afrika is concerned.

    There is no intelligent Afrikan alive today that can and or will deny that Afrika and the Black Afrikans in Afrika is without the support of the Black so call Diaspora Afrikans and that the Children from the Enslavement of our Black Afrikan Ancestors from Afrika, has no Spiritual connection to that Land we call Afrika and not with our Kit and Kin in Afrika , those who did not make the Middle Passage Journey.

    Have you ever notice the so call intelligent Afrikan Americans, if I may use us as an example of what the Subject of this Missive is stating about us Diaspora Afrikans, how the Afrikan Americans are without a Spiritual expression of Good Will toward Afrika and is without Self determination to do what ever is necessary to cause Afrika to become Afrika again and to Fight to bring about the reunification of a Divided Tribal Black Nation?

    I will use the Afrikan Americans in this Missive to have us represent the expression of the Spirit of the Black so call Afrikans in the Diaspora in relationship to Afrika and our Sisters and Brothers in Afrika today, so when I make reference to the Spirit of the so call Black Afrikan Americans Spirit concerning Afrika and the Afrikan People in Afrika, then know, that I share this information about all of us so call Black Afrikans who find ourselves away from Afrika by no choice of our own.

    Now that I have established the predicate from which I will develop my thesis and it being the Spirit of those descendants from our Black Afrikan Enslaved Ancestors who are without a connection of Good Will and not with respect and is not with concern for the condition of Afrika and our Black Afrikan Sisters and Brothers, so do you need evidence that the subject of this Missive prove to be Divinely True, then observe Afrika today and See the condition of our Black Afrikan Sisters and Brothers today, beginning in Afrika and it spread abroad to wherever we Black so call Afrikans are residing today and is in possession of a Mind that prevent the Afrikan Americans from having a Divine Spiritual Connection with Afrika and with Afrika Afrikan Sisters and Brothers.

    So tell me beloved, have you ever seen a people who can pretend to be so intelligent about who they are and make claim to be all about being descendants of a Divine Glorious Past and act so Spiritual distant from the very place and people whom we only give lip service to and never physical action in Afrika, nor in Afrika Black People behalf?

    You tell me that is being Black and Afrikans, the Afrikan American has a deceiving appearance and expression toward Afrika and the Afrikans at Home in Afrika, we render to Afrika and our sisters and brothers only lip service while we can become all so animated full of irrational emotion of concern when other Nations are being attacked by others and they be the Nations we Black so call Afrikan Americans have a Spiritual connection with, we even shed tears for those other Nations being treated unjustly, we be even willing to go and fight in their behalf, acting as if we are so committed to Justice for All, but it has proved to be that the Black so call Afrikan along with Afrika, does not fit in that Black Afrikan American All.

    Look how Dumbfound Silent we are about the Happenings in Afrika against Black Afrikans People, how Afrika the Land is Raped of its Natural resource, it seem to be alright for everybody to have a field day of just taking over Afrika and rendering injustice, abuse, lies, and deception against Afrika and the Black Afrikan in Afrika, even the idiotic nature of a spirit coming from Afrikans in Afrika against Afrikans in Afrika is without a Spirit of condemnation of the Afrikans fighting against Afrikans and such a spirit also is not condemned with Spiritual and physical action by the Afrikan Americans.

    Here we are all dressed up in our phony Mind, pretending to be oh so intelligent about World Affairs, many calling themselves Leaders of Black People but do not give one **** about Afrika and Afrikan People state of condition, we acting as if we are in such a condition way more advanced and better than our Sisters and Brothers in Afrika when we do not have the Divine Spirit that will Divinely connect us to our Holy and Sacred Land Afrika, and to our Sisters and Brothers in Afrika.

    Oh how sadly ignorant and pitiful the Afrikan Americans are, all because we have been made to believe that we are in so much better position in the world than our Sisters and Brothers in Afrika and the proof that we are not, is the fact that Afrika and our Sisters and Brothers in Afrika, is catching Hell from all sides of Hell and the Afrikan American is satisfied in just rendering lip service while all up in arm ready to do battle in any way you can to assist everybody nation but your own that you have a spiritual connection to.

    Have you Black so call Afrikan Americans every heard of the saying where Charity begin, is at your own House, and then move out to assist others, but to render assistance to somebody else house that is burning while your house has been on fire way longer than the house you are all hyped up about, meaning that nobody of Good Will have had the Spirit of concern to assist in putting out the Fire that has been burning down your House for Thousand of years, how foolish we Black Afrikans have been made to be about ourselves which only show how ignorantly pitiful we have been cursed by Lucifer Religion, because it is Religion that have you Black Afrikans in Afrika and Afrikan Americans to be without Spiritual connection to Afrika and our Black Afrikan Selves, be us in Afrika or America.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    As long as there is no Divine Spiritual connection coming from Black People with Afrika, then the longer Afrika will not become Afrika again, the Afrikan in Afrika will remain to be a Tribal society acting profanely foolish and as barbaric people toward each other, and the Children of the Middle Passage will remain dumbfound about who we are in relationship to Afrika and those Afrikan people in Afrika.
    So it is such an idiotic profane Religious Spirit that will remain to be the weapon used to cause the Spiritual and physical Death of a once Divine Black Universal Being who eventually came to a solar system they were long in the knowledge of and saw the family of this solar system as it was given birth by the Divine Universe and they saw it develop and Mature until it came to be in a habitable state to receive Life of the Divine Beings who came from a far away Constellation, thus it become the reason we are here today in a solar system we have yet to come to know because we are now not in the knowledge of who we are, as we make fun of the mythology that surround our coming to this solar system.
    Afrika Is For The Afrikan, So Get About The Business Of Saving Your Own selves And Your House, Beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]