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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

It does not matter what you believe of me, but when you choose to be disrespectful to the Divine truth, it does not only serve notice on the disrespectful ignorance but it does end up affecting black people as a whole, even though we Black folks are Dividing people, yet it does not erase the fact we all are connected, whether it is for the acceptable of our behavior or for the unacceptable acts of our behavior.

The Afrikan American, ( with the exception clause in effect ) live a life of illusion, based upon the habit formed about our condition in America and the attitude and behavior of America government toward Black people in America, we Afrikan Americans always go out of our way to find an excuse for obviously action of Racism / Unjustified Prejudice and discrimination against Black people in America.

Beloved, it is as if we Black so call Afrikan Americans have accepted a life of gradualism in America and such an attitude for us to take, keep Black People always justifying the acts of Racism Prejudice, no matter of how quitely it might be, the one thing about a Divine Thinking Black Being, is that no acts of behavior go undetected coming from the practitioners of Racist and unjustified prejudice acts against the so call Afrikan American.

In America, white folks have a Racial scale that they measure the Mulatto with, and if your racial Mix is most recent and it reflect a continued practice of Race Mixing to the point that the Melanin has been thinned to the point it is not so obvious that there is Race Mixture present, then the Mulatto become more acceptable by the White Powers that be, than if the Race Mixing shows up in the off-spring with a high volume of Melanin, whereby it has strong effect in determining the phenotype of the Black victim of Racial Assimilation.

Can it be that Obama Mixture, even though it is a most recent mixture and the parents are well identified, he does not measure up to the scale that require that the phenotype be of that whereby it resemble the Caucasian more so than the Black Afrikan ?

You have so call Afrikan Americans that have been so well conditioned to live a life of illusion, wishful believing, making statements that imply that at least we Afrikan Americans are moving on up, an acceptable granulazation to a Life that has been made to be acceptable in being close to the mix of America Politics but not a part of the Mix, because the fabric of America Racism is alive and well, yet the Afrikan American allow ourselves to be influenced to choose, which mean such a choice is not of your own Thinking, to be satisfied with just being in close proximity of White folks in their activity of Scio- Political interaction, such is an acceptable Life living in an illusion, with the caveat being wishful believing.

Why is it that Afrikan Americans always find a way to justify Racism in America by denying that Racism does live in America, is it a way for Afrikan Americans to keep the appearance of their Sanity, not realizing that the Action speak Louder than Wordily jesters, which really reveal the insanity of the Wishful Believing Afrikan American ?

The Life of gradualism of the Afrikan American, and not only in America, it is a International Virus that has diseased the Mind of Black so call Afrikans every where and the result that come from such a sickness affecting the Black World, then observe the attitude and behavior of the Afrikan in Afrika and the so call Afrikan Americans in relationship to the way we believe about the Oppressors of the Black World and the infectious Habit of Racist denial, now adopted by the so call Afrikan every where, revealing such an attitude and behavior toward each other and toward white, Arab, Jewish people that serve as a detriment to the Black Divided Nation.

So the Question is a valid one, why is it that not only the Afrikan American but all so call Afrikans, choose to find a way to justify the Racism that is of those with a Historical Record of oppressing black People, of course the exception rule is in effect and you know if you meet such a Rule of Exception.

This Fact rise above what ever the outcome of Obama engagement politically with White America.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder

Their comes a time to bury the "Dead"...and "Move-On".


There are those among us who will shake off "All" mental chains/effects of perversion/conversion/slavery and become (grow in Spirituality)...until the final "Transformation".

There are those who are also among us who will only fool them self by secretly holding onto their "ignorance/love for white supermacy/perversion" and spiritual retardation/death...until the final transformation.

Know that it is the duty of each of us...who say/think we are of those "Ancestors" from the "Mother-Land" so-called find our own way back home...before the final transformation...meaning just what you think this says to are required to think/meditate or in other words use your own..."mind"...and not the other/false/distorted/corrupted thing that we have been using (trans-planted-negro-slave-mentality) and not using our own natural "Original-Mind".

If you are lost,...who's fault is that? If you are taken to a place by other forces/energies to a strange place and forgot every thing you use to know and forgot your past/present/ will you find your way back home? First of you want to go any place other than ware you are now? Maybe you are already happy at that place you think/love is your home.

Home is ware your heart is. But remember to stay out of the way of those who are not and will not ever be happy as you are with the communities we find our selves today. Those who are looking to a place that none of us have ever been or ever will be shown/taught about by this absolute corrupt/un-natural...system of white supermacy that too many of us so foolishly love/worship/adore as being our final destination in this life.

It is no ones duty to convince you or any one who are happy with ware they are one of the others...because of what you have become/think. If the thought does not come to you from with in...then it is not for stay out of the others way who are seeking the light and understanding of the ancestors. If you have to be convinced about any thing concerning so-called Black Africa/Kemet...then it is not for you. Just stay out of the way of those who are finding their own way back home...we don't need/want/except or wish for the so-called white man and white womans approval/varification/support/exceptance as you please understand this advice-> "Either get with the program or get run over"!! The program is now and forever..."Liberation" and recapturing our "Spirituality".

How can a so-called African who's Ancestors were kid-napped/bought/sold/spoiled justify any thing what so ever...that the so-called white man and white woman does/says/practices/teaches/eats etc...unless that "Negro" is crazy/insane and in no other better way to put it...out of their "Natural-Mind"!??

Yesterday I went to Columbus, Ohio on business and met with a brother who owns his own business. He then went on to take us on a short tour of the area on just one side of town to just some of the hundreds of businesses owned/operated/supplied by different African groups. The experience was amazing to see all of the activity/life there as if we were in Africa. No crime, no drugs, no loud music, no trash on the streets but civilization...and these are Black People with every kind of business that you could think of serving the Columbus, Ohio African communities.

The point is...ware is there any reason what so ever to justify racism by those Negros who are "Lost" and foolishly think their white masters are correct in what ever they do to them. There is no place/need/use for a thing called "Negro" today in this world not even by the ones who made them in the first place...the white race. Any people who don't have a use for them selves...will systematicly self-destruct. Drugs is big money...and all that goes with that life style is big money...use your own imagination!

Let it be and for ever that all of it is the culture of death and all of it is self-destruction and those who are its supporters are on their way to "Extinction" by one.

The "Dialog of Energies" does not ever except a thing out of balance but destroys it...rearranges its molecular structure into a thing that is in balance with every thing else in creation/universe/G-d/nature.

Corruption alway, always, always goes down exceptions. What rules do you live by? Are they Universal Laws or are they somebodies own thoughts or Theories and Concoctions of a White Supermacy...that is the worse thing in the Known Universe. Make up your own rules contrary to Nature and become Extinct is the bottom line. There is no need what ever for "Foolishness" any ware in Nature...only fools have a social need for excesses and illusions.

To be continued: After we bury our dead. :danger:




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