Chief Elder Osiris : Afrika The Leaderless Continent

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    Afrika The Leaderless Continent

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    The Continent Of Afrika, Demand Only Divine Black Leadership!!!

    Every since the Fall of Divine Man and the beginning of a Divided Continent, the Continent we now refer to as Afrika, there has been Leaders of the Children of the Sun that would not be satisfied with the Mother Continent being divided and there has been Strong Dedicated Black Leaders to come and did succeed in uniting the Two Lands that had come about by invasion of those Nations that had no Natural Rights of connection to the Land call Afrika, and because of periods of Strong Black Leadership, every Time Afrika was Divided, because of strong Leadership, Afrika became reunited again and over the period of Time of Afrikan Division, Afrika from the Time of Narmer ( Menes ) to Mentuhotep, to Tuthmosis III, there has been Strong Black Leadership that did not rest until the Mother Continent would be Reunited again, those were the Times Of Strong Divine Black Leadership and they did not attempt to give excuses for the division of Afrika and never did they make an attempt to Justify those strangers, who for brief periods of Time, did sat on the Throne of so call Egypt.

    So, here we are today, Afrika now Divided into Two Lands and not one Black Leader has the where with all to make an effort to reunite the Two Lands once again, thus, as I speak, Afrika as she is now Divided, is Leaderless and you have the audacity to question as to why Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans are in the present condition we now are in and is a witness too, and we have no desire to change the condition that is not Natural to the Holy Land of our Divine Mothers and Fathers, while the Divinity of the people that now occupy their Land, is in a position of servitude and is inflicted with a disease of Poverty, ill Health, Murder, ignorance of self and Tribalism ?

    Afrika and the so call Black Afrikans are no longer united and wherever there is no Unity, the Land and Its People become ignorant of self and perish, the people whose origin to the Land they occupy I speak of.

    There will never be peace and tranquility to be experienced by the Children of the Sun, in the Land we call Afrika, not as long as Afrika and the so call Black Afrikans remain Leaderless, because as our Divine Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors have said, there will be no Knowledge of the Divine Teaching without the Master Teacher, translating to mean that, there will be no Peace and Joy to come to the Black so call Afrikans as long as the Two Lands that now be of the Continent of the Land we now refer to as Afrika and remain Divided, you can take this or leave it alone, the Divine Truth remain as Is.

    Here you so call Black Afrikans are, pretending to Love Afrika, yet your inaction concerning your present condition, serve to be the prime problem that now maintain the present condition of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans, as the two remain divided from each other, the Continent Afrika and the People of origin to that Continent, which I speak of and as long as the Continent of Afrika remain Divided and the People remain Divided from the Continent and among ourselves, Afrika the Continent goes to those that come to exploit the Land and confuse continuously the Mind of the People calling themselves Afrikans, Black that they are, whether we accept such Fate of Divine Truth and Reality or not.

    A Leaderless people become as a body of people that has no Head and without a Head of your own, the Mind of your original self is absent and the result from such a Traumatic experience, reap the result you now are observing of Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan people, yet we find Time to Lie about each other, as if one of us stand more elevated in the presence of those that do evil to us Black people than the other, as if such a status give you creditability with God, Universe and your Black Self.

    Black Woman and Man, open your Mind Eye and see what has happen to the Land we call Afrika and the People that now despise their Blackness, calling themselves Afrikans, an identity that mean and stand for nothing to a people that are Divided and is ignorant of knowing who we Black Folks are, as we roam around on this planet, and on the Continent of our Divine Black Ancestors, Leaderless, and you believe that the gods our Ancient First Way Divine Ancestors will entertain your profane behavior of worshiping and submitting to a God that is False and is not what you have been brain washed to believe "He Is".

    What profane Black Folks we have become, a people now without the Leadership capable of Knowing of the need for Afrika and the so call Black Afrikans need to be United again.

    The Wisdom of Divine Leadership no longer reside in the Minds of those that now make claim to be your Leaders, Black Woman and Man, you as I speak, is a Leaderless people, pretending to know only that you believe and such Hypocrisy show up the profaneness of the Mind that now control and Guide the so call Black Afrikan, regardless of where we are located on this planet call Earth.

    Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan will continue to sink into oblivion of uselessness, why, because a once Divine Black Divine Nation, now find themselves to be Leaderless, all because those that now claim to be your Leaders, are without the Divine Information left to us by our Ancient First Way Ancestors and now that those same Ancestors are beginning to awaken the Genome of certain Divine Black so call Afrikans, so that they may share the long forgotten information that guide you in the Direction that lead to knowing and understanding with comprehension, the Divine information we need to know, the fool among us attempt to confuse you and distract you from that you need to know, as we now function as a Leaderless Black so call Afrikan Divided Nation.

    Only Those Of Us That are Wise, Is Qualified to understand What Has Just Been Shared With You, And May The Devil Be Damned.-osiris

    It Is The Fool That Wiggle The Tongue Aimlessly, While The Mind Remain In Captivity !!!-osiris

    It Is Wise To Chase The Fool Away and Welcome The Wise To you.-osiris

    It Take No Effort to Act Stupid, But It Take Divine Concentration To Become Wise.-osiris

    It Is Wise to Turn Loose The Fool And Capture Divine Intelligence.-osiris

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder