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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved to occupy ourselves with all else before Afrika and the Afrikan is
    secure once again is to become derelict in the duties that lies before us in
    regard to Afrika and the Afrikans.

    We can not afford to busy ourselves with the problem of the children of
    those who created the institution of Chattel Slavery.

    All who are morally acceptable to the children of our Enslaved Afrikan
    Ancestors and is willing to assist in bringing a descent and moral Justice
    to the children of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, regardless of race, Time
    will so reveal themselves to us by the behavior and deed they perform in
    aiding and assisting us in our Demand for Reparation, with it to be left
    entirely up to us in deciding the purpose and use Reparation is to be used.

    Reparation primary use is to be used to liberate Afrika and the Afrikan and
    from Afrika and the Afrikan resurrection and reunification, will the World
    begin to experience a change and not before,so say the gods our Ancient
    Primeval Cosmic Carbon Ancestors.

    The problem the Carbon Afrikan face is a religious and identity problem. We
    are so preoccupied with abstract names that classify the Carbon Being, many
    times using geography and tribal usages, which only serve to divide the
    Carbon Family.

    So tell me my beloved, who were the civilization that occupied the area now
    call the Sahara Desert, or better still the civilization that was before the
    action of pangia, there is where we will begin to get a True look at our
    highly and Spiritual Carbon Ancestors, which dwelled upon this Planet call
    Earth, a Planet that flourished with Life and Vegetation and a people
    with extreme advanced technology, a land and people which eventually was to
    become known as Afrika and Afrikans, which represent a sign of our Fall from
    our highest Spiritual level, experienced in Life Being on this planet.

    Such is the book of Life about the Carbon Being, we must learn to read and
    we must start at its beginning and not the middle or some other fractional
    point of our Life.

    To be able to do so, will we then know who we really are, without
    participating in make believe of ourselves.

    That is why knowing the true knowledge about and of ourselves, require us to
    re-enter the truly Spiritual realm of our KA, ( body double ) and there is
    where we will learn the true nature of ourselves and will be able to explore
    our true beginning upon this planet.

    Reparation is that Ark, which will sail us back to that Holy Land and place
    we now call Afrika, a Land that lost its identity along with the people who
    first occupied it and now is ignorant of that self we once knew and

    Reparation is sacred and divine and will cause a renascence to take place in
    our life and when it does, the Carbon Nation will rise in all of its glory
    and knowledge of the mystery that surround this strange Nation as well as
    God and the Universe and then will the world experience a change.

    To the children of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, just as we came here to
    america, the same way the children of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors must
    return back home together and there we will not become settlers and beggars,
    to do so, we will only become more victims in Afrika, but to return to
    become the next additional State to Afrika, with the Reparation provided by
    our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, Afrika will experience a change for the
    Spiritual uplifting of the Carbon Afrikans.

    From the position of a New Nation State,made up of the children of our
    Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, from the america Diaspora, we will move to
    assist our brothers and sisters on the ground in Afrika, in freeing the LAND
    as we Resurrect a glorious Carbon Nation once again, back to our true and
    original Spiritual status before the gods, our Mother and Fathers, who move
    with the majesties of Time.

    Let Those Who Are Wise, Understand What Has Been Shared With You.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble Until Our Liberation!!!

    Complete Love To The Carbon Nation

    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - Afrikan Inter,National Movement

    So say the gods of our Enslaved Carbon Afrikan Ancestors,who are under the
    instruction of our most Ancient primeval Cosmic Carbon Ancestors.
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    keep speaking i'm listening @ ya brutha