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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The Past and Present stories about like groups of people do not lie, the people might Lie but not the actual past events that have affected those groups of people who in this so call modern Time, we refer to those groups by what is referred to as ethnicity, so with the particular group I now speak about, we can reduce that group to be those people that the present World address as Afrikan and Black People and they are whom I am speaking about in this Missive, so there can be no mistake about whom I am referring to in this Missive, a people that have become Afrikan, Human, and Black, now on the verge of becoming any and everything but Afrikan, Black, and Divine Beings, they being a people of such a Nature until they are a Nation of Dead People Walking and Running and not going any where but to where the Human being direct our Black behind to go, and it is that Attitude and Behavior in Afrika by Black People that has Killed the Will to Live Divinely by Black people, Afrika the Continent which serve as a Tomb to a Dead Black so call Afrikan Divided Nation.

    No where on this planet Continents will you find a people that act and behave as the so call Black Afrikan Human Being, they are a people that have lost all knowledge about themselves and now have taken on the identity of their oppressors of down through the ages and that is why you have some so call Black Afrikans claiming to be Arabs, Jews, and Gentiles and they do so, because they are a PEOPLE IGNORANT OF THEIR PAST STORY, A PAST THAT FAR EXCEED ANYBODY THAT NOW WALK THIS PLANET.

    Yet such a people have been reduced to become dead people within the Tomb of a place upon this planet that has been given the identity of a Continent and named Afrika by the slayers of that once Divine Nation which is now going by the identity of Afrikan Black Human Beings, a sure sign of a Dead Black so call Afrikan Nation.

    Here is a Nation of People with a Story that verify the acts of their Divine Nature, a people that was monolithic in all of their doings and going and coming upon this planet, a people that left a Monumental sign that verify that they were and is not from a one cell Animal Spawned on this Planet to become the evolution from an Ape family, even though we have begun to act as the Animals we have been conditioned to believe that we are, as our Life attitude and behavior so verify such a present living day fact of the so call Black Afrikan Human Being Life.

    Never in the Prehistory of the Life of a people without Color, nor is an origin of this Planet, have such a people acted toward each other in a Tribal ignorance of a attitude and Behavior, running around on the most Holiest piece of real estate consisting of this planet, acting a **** fool toward each other, serving as a sign of a people without the Life of their Primitive Divine First Way Ancestors, they being the evidence that the place referred to as Afrika the Continent, serve now to be the Tomb of a Dead Black so call Afrikan Nation.

    Anytime a so call Black Afrikan give off an indication that they have no compelling feeling toward the place referred to as Afrika, such become a demonstration of the depth of ignorance that go on in the so call Afrikan mind today, an ignorance that prevent the brand New so call Afrikan, from knowing who in Hell that we are, rather we prefer to be what we have been made to be today, which is a self ignorant Afrikan Human Being, a people now evolved to believe that it is intelligent to not discriminate against those people with a History of oppressing the so call Black Afrikan, in favor for someone, if no more than wearing a second class coat of our Blackness, not that it is going to make a difference in the Life Living of the Black so call Afrikan, but for the expressing of a Choice without being influenced, even if for no more than half of our own and might not understand the emotions He/She carries inside a Conflicting Mind.

    I know that we owe such wise decision making to our Divine First Way Ancestors, because as for as we Black so call Afrikans are concerned, we have demonstrated that we no longer have respect for ourselves, an ignorance we seem to glory in.

    There is no greater blight upon the Mind of Black Folks Past Time, than what the so call Afrikan in Afrika has become and have allowed to happen to that Holy Place the oppressors Named Afrika.

    Black Womb- Gender ! Black Staff-gender !, observe the condition of the Mind of the Brand New Human Being so call Afrikan in Afrika and tell me what do you See, not what you are Looking at, but what do you See ! and tell me that you can only tell me what you are Looking at, because it require a Thinking Mind to see, and that beloved, is the Destructive Problem that engulf the mind of the so call Afrikan in Afrika today, a people where Afrika has become a Tomb for the Dead so call Black Afrikan Nation and you tell me that the so call Black Afrikan in Afrika and in the Diaspora America, has something to be proud of today, as we Live a Human Being Hypocrite Life ?

    It Matter Not To Me What You Believe Of This Missive, It Is The Divine Truth That Is All That I Am concerned About and Such a Truth Come Only From Our Divine First Way Ancestors, A Part Of Your Family You have Been Made to Be Ignorant About.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

    Chief Elder
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    Ausar was resurected from the dead

    So if our folks in Afica are dead as you say, thenwe must go about the scientific process of resurecting them