Chief Elder Osiris : Afrika In The Days Of Yore ( Years Long Ago )

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, I know many if not most Times, my messages to you is done in such a
    way that they serve as a mirror of our Black Life, presently.

    So never think I write as a put down of us, but with the desire that what I
    say will serve as a spark that will motivate us to become embarrassed and
    ashamed of what we have become as an Afrikan Nation, Black that we are.

    So beloved, let we flip the switch for a moment and attempt to remind you,
    as well as give you a mental picture of who we once were and the life we
    once lived as Carbon Afrikan people.

    Yes we were not always steeped in poverty, disease and discontent to the
    point of engaging in self annihilation.

    This is something that is not done enough, showing us our real side, I mean,
    and the reason being, our realness is not to be found in the western world
    books, something we have been conditioned to rely on without question.

    What I am about to give you, require you to verify with our Soul eye and in
    order to do so, require that we ascend to a higher Spiritual attitudinal

    Enter into the cosmic ethereal space ship of your dimensional mind, which
    will carry us beyond the third dimension of our physical activity and relax
    and enjoy what those dimensions have to reveal to you, about our Black
    Afrikan life activity, which happen in the days of Yore, of our Afrikan

    Contrary to what we have been told about our Black self, in an effort to
    have us accept what we now see of ourselves, leading us to believe such is
    what has always been, reflecting our Afrikan status in the world, in every
    aspect of our Afrikan life condition and behavior today, I tell you what we
    see of us today is not the True Afrikan.

    Not so my beloved, what we see of ourselves today is not representative of
    what we were in the days of yore.

    In the days of Yore, the Afrikan actually were as gods, the life our Ancient
    Ancestors lived, was a life of harmony, which brought balance in every
    aspect of our Black Afrikan life, in the company of harmony and balance, we
    were able to interrelate and engage with the elemental forces and from such
    a relationship, and by being in such rhythmic harmony and balance, qualified
    our Ancient Ancestors to become privileged to the knowledge with
    understanding about god, Universe, and our relationship to those entities.

    The relationship was as such, so much so, to the level we were ( ancient
    ancestors )able to summon the various forces of the elements, both solid and
    ethereal and they were able to become qualified to construct one of the
    greatest civilization ever known to mankind, on this planet, we call earth.

    Beloved, do you not know, on a highly elevated Soulful plane,( thoughtful
    mind ) does in fact qualify us to be able to do wonders that exceed the
    physical level of what such low level, will allow to be imagined?

    We quickly accept the white man account as to how the pyramid of Giza was
    build and the great labyrinth was formed, which some say, is more wondrous
    than the great pyramid and yet we choose to allow our Soul take us no
    further than the white man account about everything in life, including our

    When are we going to start teaching our children about the majestic of the
    Black Afrikan life, the one that took place in the days of Yore, a Time
    before the Earth became contaminated with the white man and others?

    The Time when we diet on vegetation, honey and water, moving at will from
    one point to another and Time was no enemy to life, nor a burden?

    When are we going to teach our children the true meaning of Darkness and its
    divinity and how what we call light, make its presence visible at the
    consent of Darkness and how the elements responded to the will of our
    Ancient Ancestors and the environment was that of peace, joy, and love,
    which was flowing one to the other, and life flow, it was under our command,
    such a life was not in the make believe haven but right here on this planet
    we call earth.

    I say this to let you know my beloved, only the fools among us will attempt
    to deny this reality and such an attempt will only serve to reveal the
    lowliness of the now Afrikan Soul and at such a low level of the soul, will
    prevent us from knowing through mind remembrance, the Life of the once True
    Afrikan, the Ancestors from which we flow.

    I say to you beloved, know you not your potential and the loins out of which
    you flowed and through such a relationship, gives us the ability to reclaim
    such a Soulful Height?

    Such a Height my beloved, we must rise to again, that is if we expect to see
    the Afrikan nation rise again and such a Spiritual process is required,
    also, if Reparation is to ever come into the hand of the children of the
    middle passage, it will come from our Spiritual Rebirth.

    Beloved, we must learn to transcend the boundary of the white man knowledge
    and enter the arena where boundless knowledge reside and it is in that arena
    where our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors resided.

    In these Times, in the days of Yore, Tribalism had no standing among the
    Afrikan gods, our Ancestors.

    Let The wise Understand What Has Just Been shared with you Today.

    It Is Time To condemn The Lie and Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must caused Trouble With The Truth Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( OSIRIS )

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation.


    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist, Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman