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    Afrika For The Afrikan

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Keep waiting on Jesus, Keep on allowing the Doctrine of religion to influence your life, keep on requiring that all information about Afrika and your Freedom must be what you want it to be, and not need to be.

    Keep on using your oppressors Mind as you attempt to use it to look to solve your Afrika and the Afrikan problem.

    Keep on believing that only those Afrikans who have gone to become Ancestors, can know what is needed for Afrika to be for the Afrikans, and the Afrikan to be United again.

    No, you keep on believing that it is history that you must depend upon to guide your Life in the way it will cause Afrika to be for the Afrikan and the Afrikan united again.

    Keep on ignoring the Divine Truth, simple because it is not coming from those Afrikans that is a part of history, and as long as you do, then you will never live to see Afrika to become for the Afrikan and Afrikans united again.

    As I rise from deep Divine Meditation, seeing Afrika over the Horizon of the Atlantic Ocean, I am given to have revealed to me to see, not Ghana, not Nigeria, not Mali, not the Congo or Uganda or Kenya or Ethiopia, not Zimbabwe, not Zambia or Angola or Egypt, Morocco or Algeria.

    I am given only to have revealed to me, The Continent Of Afrika, and it is Afrika that must hold precedent over all of the other province in Afrika, that is if Divine Freedom is to come to, not a fraction of Afrika divided into phony States, but must come to the whole of the Continent of Afrika.

    Afrika and the Afrikan today must be about one thing and one thing only, and that thing is Freedom, Sovereignty, and Independence, not for individual created States in Afrika, but for a Collective One Body of Land, the Continent and its people, Afrika and Black Afrikans!!!

    You have been to religinised, politicized, and genocide by White Authority, so much so until we live our Body life in violation to Nature Design, we because of all of the religious propaganda, you are afraid to hate evil. Not knowing that impatience can be a virtue as well, and self protection is a requirement by Nature design.

    So, as we survey the landscape of the Black Body Life living condition in its present state in Afrika phony States of Countries, attempting to organize and govern, by guiding Black Afrikans confined within the borders of assigned Afrika States Lines, the end result from such an action is evil distrust of each other, corruption within the government, Tribal cleansing, distressing of the Black life by Black people, and an inability to be civil in a claimed civilized Black Afrikan Society, and you make claim to wonder what is wrong with you, the Black Afrika Continent Afrikan?

    Your problem is that you are attempting to live the Black Body life by white authority rule of Law and history about Afrika and the Black Afrikan people, and you will never gain respect for yourself living that way.

    When Divinity has been abused, then it has the obligation to heal its action, and you do that by using any and all means that are at your exposure.

    Such is when hate and impatience become a virtue, self protection a wise thing to do, knowing beyond history become your obligation to do so, and fighting for Afrika and Afrikans freedom become the Black Body life imperative, and it is Reparation that represent your freedom.

    Beyond History will have you to know that the Black Divine Being primitive (first) Civilization did not Govern the Afrikan people using profane political parties, not Dictatorship, neither were we autocratic, we were with a polytheistic precept with a monotheistic foundation of Thought, which gave us a clear concept about the Divine Essence, both Universe and of our Black Afrikan selves.

    Such a Divine Thoughtful organized Rational and Logical structure, did have our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors to know about the theocracy of the Divine Essence, both universe and of the Black Body Life being Divine.

    The Universal Divine Civilized organized Structure , govern the Black Divine Society having as their Divine Guide, Queenship and Kingship, Princess and Prince, all having nothing but Divine thoughts about the Black Afrikan people in Afrika, and Liberalism and Conservatism was not a part of a Divine social order of a governing structure.

    The Stars, Planets and Moon, all being the Queen, King, princess and Prince, with attributes being Water and the Wind, the Solar life of the Universe

    So the Natural Design of the Divine Being is to serve the people as Queens and Kings, Princess and Prince, displaying the spirit of goddess and gods, using as that Society imperative, to be that of everlasting Divine Thoughts about each Black Afrikan.

    So, it was Divinity that secured the Harmony, Order, and Balance between the Infinite Night, the Physical Universe, and of the Black Afrikan self, the three being One in the present operation of the Natural Design in form, which it represent, in the presence of the Divine Essence.

    The Black Afrikan Continental Divine Being operated with a Divine Mind, which kept them within the scope of that which caused them to be Divine, and all thoughts reveal the quality of your mind.

    Therefore, a reasonable rational and logical mind is a Being displaying a Mind that produce a Spirit that is Divine, and it is Divinity that is not subservient to no thing or no one living in the physical Dimension.

    With a Divine view of Afrika today and of the Black Afrikan people today, all is a victim of a corrupt profane Mind, and it is such a caliber of mind that violate the sanity and Divinity of Mind and life Body living, and such a violation demand in order to reconstitute a Divine Continental Afrika, freedom for Afrika continent and the Black so call Afrikan people must become the order of the day.

    Based upon the condition of Afrika as a continent and Black people in Afrika and else where in the world, you now have what you are looking at going on with Black people in Afrika and in the world, and it show is not an example of Black people acting Divinely intelligent.

    It is evident that Afrika and the Black Afrikan has been and is now a primary focus target to be destroyed, not necessary in total of our physical presence, but the land, by having its resources taken away from the Afrikan, and the Black Afrikan people by having their Mind tampered with to the point that Black people don’t know how to Think Civilized any more, such a condition serve as evident of our present mental and Body life state of being.

    Because a people who continue to try to make people who have created a history about Afrika the Continent and Black Afrikan people, change their spirit toward Afrika and Black people, which is a spirit of Lucifer the Human Being that is responsible for the Mental illness most Black people now suffer from, and have caused Afrika to be a Divided Continent, having Black Afrikans playing phony game of government in fraction, in Afrika.

    Such is Black people that have been destroyed of having the use of their Divine Mind, and Divinity is the height of Intelligence, and intelligence is evident of thought being used in Harmony, Order, and Balance, causing you to be able to react in a way that will allow you to reach a rational conclusion about what and who is the cause for the way Black people now look at themselves and is not now able to see ourselves.

    When ever you hear of Black people speaking about our present state of condition living our lives, and point out what is believed and not thought to be the reason why Black people is stuck in a Mental void, which prevent such an Afrikan Mind from Thinking rational about the cause and effect that have Black people believing that the life we now live is our fault alone, it is such a belief of Black people that is evident that mentally, we are dead people, walking around in a ignorant state of living.

    All of the Afrikan Governments are corrupt, therefore there is no freedom with respect to come to Black people in Afrika, and the same is the case for Black people out of Afrika, because the Governments that control Black people lives out of Afrika is Racist and prejudice toward Black people, and as long as there is not an uprising to demand and to acknowledge the right of our Enslaved Ancestors to be paid their Reparation and the right of return of Black people who are the result of the middle passage journey, then it is Racism and unjustified prejudice that keep Divine Justice from coming back to Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan people.

    Therefore, if Afrika and the Black Afrikan is ever to be free again, then Black people must take off the shackles of Religion of all kind, and come back into possession of our Divine Mind, before Freedom, Independence, Sovereignty, and Justice with Joy to be a active part of the Black Body life living.

    So, in order for those Divine principles of life to become re-associated with the Black Body life again, there has to be a sense of urgency to enter the Mind of Black people, an urgency of freedom, and from such an urgency it will cause Black people in Afrika to see the need for a revolt to take place across the continent of Afrika, because it is the continent of Afrika that belong to the Afrikans.

    The same urgency if Divinity become a part of the Mental cycle of Black people in America, must be needed to be known, before Black people in America and else where out of Afrika, will be able to see the need for us to revolt in the pursuit of Afrika and the Black Afrikan freedom, and out of Afrika in America, Reparation is associated to freedom for Black people in America.

    Therefore, the wheel of freedom and justice must begin to turn in Afrika by action to take place to organize all Black Afrikans on the Continent of Afrika, disregarding all phony boundary border lines.

    There must be an effort to be made to rally and organize all Afrikans that are Black in Afrika that is being abused and neglected and is a victim of Afrikan government neglect and abuse, and Tribalism evil abuse coming from one Black Afrikan upon another Black Afrikan.

    Therefore, if Freedom, Sovereignty, Independence, Justice and Joy to come back to the Black Body life of Black Afrikan people, the door of a continental revolution is in demand by our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, whom all Black Afrikans carry within our Black so call Afrikan Body.

    We Black people on this planet earth, serve as evident that such Divine Ancestors did in fact walk this Planet and did cause the dawning of the first Divine Civilization to come to this planet earth.

    So yes, if there is a people who has the Divine Right to be angry in life, it is black people, and you have the responsibility to hate evil in all forms that it has visited our House.

    No, No, there is nobody beyond this Life sitting on a big chair with a feather pen in “HIS” hand keeping notes on your life spirit, you not taking offense against all those who have played a part in stealing your Mind and is taking credit of all that you have contributed to the world, you have a Divine Right, a Divine obligation to revolt against all evil that is in Afrika.

    Black, White, Jew or gentile, all who have played a part in causing your Mental illness need to see that you now have come of Mental age again, by you staging a Continental Afrika Revolution, such action is the only way you will be able to show Divine Respect to our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors.

    You Black people need to stop living a life of religious fantasy and begin to take charge of your Black life, by displaying such a Divine Spirit that will not allow you to be treated like a fool, and come to know the reason why the Honorable Marcus Garvey saw fit to proclaim to you that Afrika Is For The Afrikan!!!

    Take It Or Leave It, Such Is The Divine Truth That Can Not Be Intelligently Denied.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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