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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:
    > Dearly beloved, I have no Time to play with the conning and deceptive
    > Arab/Europeans, the main entities who have contributed to Afrika and the
    > Afrikan destruction, to the level that we have no Geo/political standing
    > in the world today.
    > The deceivers in the world about Afrika and the Afrikan, are Arabs and
    > Europeans, they now call the shots in and about Afrika and now control the
    > life line of the Black Afrikan nation, a Nation now shattered at the hand
    > of Arab/European action.
    > From this day forward I will use the term Pan - Afrikanism sparingly, for
    > it serve not to obtain Afrikan Liberation, not the Afrikan in the Diaspora
    > nor the Afrikan in Afrika, no the purpose for Afrikans liberation from the
    > oppressed hands of the Arab/European deception and desired control of
    > Afrika, is not in Pan - Afrikanism.
    > We do not need Arabs nor Europeans making decisions about what naturally
    > is the Black Afrikan and that which is natural to the True Afrikans, is
    > Afrika, and we need not compromise, nor negotiate, that which originally
    > and naturally belong to the true Afrikans.
    > The era of Pan - Afrikanism among the Afrikan in the Diaspora and the true
    > Afrikan at home in Afrika, is over, Time has so moved us Black Afrikan
    > into the era of Black Afrikan Nationalism, and Liberation, which must
    > spread all over the Continental Afrika, like a virus spread through the
    > body.
    > How can any Black Afrikan worth their salt, discuss the future of Afrika
    > without the involvement of the Afrikan in the Diaspora, here by way of the
    > middle passage, a segment of Afrikans that have just as much or more right
    > in regard to Afrika, than anybody who call themselves Afrikan and is just
    > as qualified if not more, to do so.
    > The Diaspora Afrikan must begin to demand we be taken serious as
    > Afrikans, whose path lead back to Afrika and require that we be given a
    > seat in any organization that pretend to deal with the wishes, desires and
    > condition of Afrika.
    > Black Afrikan Nationalism precede Afrikan culturalism and contrary to the
    > new trend that is attempting to be set about Race, It is Race that is the
    > corner stone to all that is now or ever have been taken place in and about
    > Afrika, be it at peace or war.
    > The badge that represent the soul of the Being, should not be denied, and
    > if attempted to be so, the effort only show up the ignorance of those who
    > deny their natural birth sign, and in regard to the true Afrikan, such a
    > sign is Black and Afrikan, and no Arab, Jew or Caucasian can make manifest
    > nor can they deny, with a true face, such a reality, in relation to the
    > specie that call itself human.
    > We may play with what is going on in the Sudan and come up with all sorts
    > of reasons for the action taking place in that region of Afrika, the fact
    > is, there is whole sale killing going on there and we may blame it on
    > religion or the way one dress, different from another, the fact is
    > Afrikans who are Black are killing Afrikans who are Black and the base of
    > it all stem from an Arab/European root, whose pigment is of a different
    > hew than the true Afrikan.
    > For the true Afrikan to allow the Arab/European to dictate the attitude,
    > behavior and type of relationship they will have with their true Diaspora
    > Sisters and Brothers, serve only as a sign of how weak in body and soul
    > the true Afrikan has become and such is the reason why Afrika is no longer
    > in the hand, nor is it in control of the true Black Afrikan and it will
    > not be, until the Diaspora Afrikan return home to Afrika.
    > No! the Arab nor the European, do not ever want to see such a union of the
    > Black Afrikan in Afrika and the Black Afrikan in the Diaspora to take
    > place, but I have come to inform all who is able to hear, the gods of our
    > Ancient Afrikan Ancestors have so ordain such a union is to take place and
    > from such a union, Afrika and the true Afrikans will rise and regain her
    > place with respectability among the world.
    > Yes! Yes!, my dear beloved sisters and brothers, RACE DOES MATTERS. and it
    > is because of such, Afrika is in the condition she is in as I speak!!!
    > It Is Time To Condemn The Lie and Elevate The Truth!!!
    > We Must cause Trouble with the truth Until Our Liberation!!!
    > Afrika, The Diamond Of The world, She Has Been Cut Unevenly And Now the
    > world suffer From Such An Error.
    > I, Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.
    > Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation
    > Hoteph
    > Osiris
    > Chief Elder
    > Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist, Political Revolutionary
    > National Chairman
    > Sankofa Repatriation Movement