Black People : Afrika Black Afrikans Are In Need Of An Afrikan Reconstruction Renasissance!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Afrika Black Afrikan People Are In Need Of An Afrikan Reconstruction Renaissance!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Black Afrikan people have been made to believe our worth does not rise to the value of self- Determination!!!

We Black Afrikans will not become the Black Afrikan Nation we need to be, not as long as we live believing everything we have been westernized educated to believe about White and Black Afrikan people, about Universal Existence, about that white racist God, about our Black Selves and about Darkness and Light Glow, and Space, Time, Continuum, and Energy Infinite Intelligence, such be the attributes of the Divine Essence that needs to be Learned to be known about by the Race of Dark Divine Universal Beings commonly referred to today as Black Afrikan People who has been so identified to be by so-called confessed to be Children Of God White Race of People.

I am not going to continue to be in a dispute about those so-called white people, about where they came from and who they are among the family of physical anthropomorphic Beings with an ability to display with the expression of a certain level of intelligence that is beyond and above comparison to all other physical formed living Beings with various and different body type and form.

I look and I see myself as a member of a race of people with the same DNA Body type with a very unique body structure and appearance, which let me know that there is a very Divine Presence with unmeasurable Intelligence that by Its presence all things physical and that which appear not to be physical is because of that Divine Presence Is, and it need not prove its existence to that which is, because It Is, and It Is The Divine Essence Of All things in existence in myriads of forms of different and various appearance, which develop a sense of curiosity to come from those different physical living Beings with a different physical body type appearance with different intellectual usability of living performance..

The Divine Essence constitute Dark Energy presence and that Darkness is Space, Time, Continuum Ad Infinitum, It's the Infinite Goodness -GOD intrinsic in Everything that Is And Move And Appears Not to move, Its What Has It To Be Beyond Believing With a requirement to be Known by all with the use of Intelligence To Think and Visualize What Is And What is looked at appearing not to be, you look with the sense of sight but you see with the thoughtful use of Energy Intellectual Mind, it is the Soul Center Of The Living Beings.

Today, Black Afrikan people are in need of a Reconstruction Renaissance, if The Black Afrikan and Afrika is to be saved from complete Mind Transformational usage that has Black Afrikans today to be out of reach and touch of and with Divine Reality, which mean that the Black Afrikan Race today know not what God, The Divine Essence Is, and without such knowledge, being in the possession of Black Afrikan people today, then Woe is to the Black Afrikan Race and to Mother Afrika!!!

You see, there is no wonder why the Black Afrikan Race is without desire to become Free again, the rote educational indoctrination that is active converting the Mental process of the Black Race Mind, is the reason why Black Afrikans today appear to be satisfied in our use of ignorance today and a mind been calibrated to ignore the Divine Truth is a mind operating not within the scope of Divinity and to be Divine mean that your every Mind thought when you are not free, is functioning with Harmony, Order, And Balance in the house of Reason and Logic, the pathway that leads to Understanding to know and today Black Afrikans wear not the Mind that has you to know with Understanding, which is why the Black Race know not the value of Divine Freedom today.

Now, if you are Black and you have not been in the motion of getting your Divine Mind Back, then to the mind now guiding the Black Afrikan Race, Lies appear to be Truth and Fantasy appear to be a reality and with such a mind guiding Black Afrikan people, Divinity does not reside.

So Yes, Hell Yes, today the Black Afrikan Race is in need of experiencing a Mental Reconstruction, there has to be a reawakening of the Black Afrikan Race, that is if Afrika is to be saved from the so call political officials claiming to be leaders of the created fragmented phony countries located within the Continent Country Afrika, those political so call leaders must go, if there is to be a Reconstruction of Mother Afrika and Black Afrikans reawakening to the Divine Reality that the Journey to Reconstruction and Reawakening will only begin when Black Afrikans have unified to confront America by Demanding our Enslaved Afrikans Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation and if you are Black and Afrikan and you can not see the need of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation to be collected, then there is no Black Afrikan Nation Resurrection to take place in Afrika and without a Unified Black Afrikan Nation there will be no United State Of Afrika Government rising In Afrika to Govern Black Continential Afrikan People, beloved!!!

If We Can't See Our Way To Freedom, Then We Are in a sleep that can't be reawakened, there will be no Renaissance to take place among the Black Afrikan people, beloved.

A Divine Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat is what Black Afrikans need and a Revolutionary Reparation/Repatriation Campaign we Black Afrikan people need to conduct, that is if Freedom is to ever grace the Mind of Black Afrikans, Past and Present again.

Divine Respect
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