Chief Elder Osiris : Afrika and the Black Afrikans

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    Afrika and the Black Afrikans

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    To you Black Afrikans who are not Mentally Fanatical Blinded by religion do I share this Divine Information, to you who Think and not believe your way through life, do I share what you are capable of knowing about Afrika and your Black so call Afrikan Self, concerning your potential importance in the world and that importance is valid only when Black people realize our importance in the Black World of which we consist of, and not of the outer World, the World of Lucifer.

    So tell me beloved, have you ever wondered why it is when the outer world of Lucifer is discussing their world affairs on the basic of what is right or wrong action to be taken in the World of Lucifer and why all discussion that take place about the status of the outer world is centered upon what the Luciferians tell you of their likes and dislikes and problems and solutions as they believe the remedy to the world problems might be and they knowing all of the Time that they the Luciferians are the creator of the World problems and when discussing the fantasy solution to those generated problems by the world forces of Evil, have you ever notice in their discussion, Black People is never considered to be a viable member of the outer World discussion?

    Lucifer World always preface all of their world discussion by implying that only white folks have the mind ability to deal with the outer world problems, they always act and talk as if the Black World is actually invisible simply by their action of ignoring the presence of the Black World that has been placed in a position of implied irrelevancy in the outer World Life action.

    Now, have you ever wonder why the forces of Evil in the outer World need to have the people of and in the outer world to look upon Afrika and the Black Afrikan World as if there has never and there can not ever be anything of a Greater Good to come out of Afrika and from the Black Afrikan by the use of the Black Afrikan Mind, Have you?

    Even when the discussion about the Ancient inhabitants in Afrika the stop at the age of Time of the Egyptians, knowing full well that Egyptian history is not the story of our Ancient first way Black Cosmic Afrikan Ancestors, a truth that not even the present day Melting Pot Afrikans know about, you believing Egyptian History is the Black Divine being Afrika story.

    Oh how Absent of the Divine Mind of today Negro Afrikan American as well as the Afrikan in Afrika is today about our Black Selves, how sad it is and how pitiful of us Black People are today, wanting a liar and deceiver to guide us through our Black Lives.

    Beloved, Lucifer importance in the World of Black People and the world of the people controlled willingly by the Luciferians, will only be of importance unto themselves only as long as Lucifer is able to maintain control of Afrika and keep the Black Afrikans in a self destructing mode of action, because as long as the Black Afrikans are acting out side of their Divine Mind, we are guided by Lucifer Mind and it is Lucifer Mind that protect Lucifer and not the Black Afrikan.

    So what do you have to be the action that is taking place within the Black World, nothing but wars of self destruction and it is that quality of Spiritual action that Lucifer need of Black people toward themselves, that is if Lucifer is to fulfill his objective which is to create a Centralized World Government commonly referred to as a One World Government guided by and controlled by the Mind of Lucifer.

    You see beloved, there can be no Luciferian Rule unless there is the Divine Being decline, a decline that have the Black Afrikans believing that it is God Will for Black People to be Guided by Lucifer and under such a guidance you end up expressing the type of Spiritual action toward each other that is self destructive and is of a Religious believing that is the cause for the way Black People now are acting and believing about themselves and about God, such action will lead Black people to be in good favor with Lucifer God and Lucifer himself.

    Black people are guided by the Mind of Lucifer and that is what cause Black People not to know that Lucifer God and Lucifer himself are one and the same, as Black people continue to be guided by the Mind of Lucifer, the Human Being Mind that prompt us to destroy each other, an action that will cause the Black World to be reduced to be the foot stool of Lucifer and we not being able to realize that it is at such a low ignorant position that is needed for the Black World to be, in order for Lucifer World to be in pursuit of and gaining control of the Earth complete World.

    Now you religious Believers do not have the Mind required for you to be in your possession in order to be qualified to know and understand this level and quality of Divine Information that I am sharing with you because it is Divine Information that conflict with the Black Religious Believers, because it is the Mind of Lucifer that have the Black Afrikans always in a spirit of self destruction, a spirit that is needed if Lucifer is to maintain his World Status and his control over the lives of the Black Religious Afrikans, because when all things come to its central point concerning the body life Being, the struggle, the disagreement and the fight for Spiritual Liberation is between the Black Divine Being and the Profane Human Being upon this Planet Earth. This Divine Truth is not even up for debate..

    So as long as the Black Afrikans are busy doing Lucifer bidding and that bidding is to religiously believe there is no harm being done by Black Afrikans chopping off the Head of Afrikan Mothers, Fathers, and Children, Sanctifying Tribal Ethnicity and honoring the partitioning of Afrika Land into phony Countries with our Mother, father, and Child serving as the Trinity that make up the Black Afrikan World.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Beloved, have you notice that there is a certain faction among Black people who do not respect this quality of Divine Truth that is being shared with you and they do so because it is not in keeping with their religious belief that we have about the Luciferian World, Black Folks believing that if no action is ever taken by the Black Afrikan to defy Lucifer Religion then in Time Lucifer Jesus will come and bless all of the self inflicted evil that the Black Afrikans have caused to come upon our Black Selves, such a belief serve as a sure sign that the Black Afrikans have lost our Divine Mind and have been made not to know the cause and effect of the Black World present condition and it is the absent of the Divine Mind of Black People that cause us to be in possession of our Lucifer profane Mind, a mind that now cause us not to know the power we would have if we operated under the guidance of our Divine Mind today and the conquering effect we would have over the Luciferian World today?

    So Yes, it serve to Lucifer advantage, they who are Black People abusers and oppressors, to keep Afrika out of the control of Afrikans and to keep the Black Afrikan in a self destructing Mind of Action, believing that Obama is Black Folks Savior for the Black World and he will bring peace between that which is Divine and that which is Profanely Evil,.

    So, if not for the vain religious belief of Black People, the Luciferian World would come tumbling Down as the Black World will begin to Rise again in all of its Divine Mind, a Mind needed in order to cause Afrika and the Black Afrikan to be Safe in our World again, which will cause the Evil of the Luciferian World to be of no value in a Divine Black Afrikan World again.

    Afrika and the Black Afrikan in our present condition, acting under the command of Lucifer Mind, it is that Afrikan Mind that keep the Black Afrikan in a self destruction Mode and Lucifer to remain in power over the two world, one consisting of a made to be belittling Black Afrikan World, a world made to be out to destroy itself and the other, Luciferian world, to continue to be the over seer of the crumbling Black World.

    When you see Afrika to be back in possession of the Black Afrikan and the Black Afrikan Nation United again, then know the reign of Lucifer is at an End and the coming of the goddess and gods to this planet again is eminent.

    But if you do not see the rising Sun in Afrika, then know the End of both world is in motion for Divine cleansing.

    Let Those Black Afrikans Of A Mind Worthy Of Thinking and Knowing, Understand What Has Just Been Shared With You Concerning Our Black selves Today.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]