Chief Elder Osiris : Afrika And Black People Will Not Ever Become Free, Not Until ?

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    Afrika And Black People Will Not Ever Become Free, Not Until ?

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    The Human Being Lie about every aspect of our Black Life and if we do not act and behave as they have conditioned us to act and behave, then those Black people who no longer conform to the Life script, so prescribed by the Human being, then the Black Human Being end up labeling you as being a trouble maker, meaning that you no longer act and behave as you suppose to, under the Human Being Mental Control, and to some Black so call Afrikans, they become up-set when the Human Being speak Evil of us and they be the Black Afrikans that have accepted the Black attitude and Behavioral transformation into becoming that of the Mental equivalent of the Human Beings and that is why the Black Human Beings can look at the Master Human Being doing no wrong to the Black World, because the Black Human Being now has the Mentality of the Master Human Being and they have clearly defined themselves as being a Sinful and Evil Specie, full of wanting, envy, Jealousy, Lies, and action of Deception, the now description of the transformed Black Human Being Behavioral Attitude toward each other, but not to the Master Human Beings, those that have a history of destroying Black Afrikans Civilization and raping Mother Afrika, the Holy Land of our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors.

    So the Black so call Afrikan Human Beings among us, now that they no longer Think as our Ancient First Way Ancestors had taught us to Think and now the Transformed Black so call Human Being believe all that the Master Human Beings tell us about our Black so call Afrikan selves, meaning we Black people no longer know whom we Really Are any more, as we act and behave in the personality and character of the Master Human Beings, in this Evil World.

    So No! Afrika and The Black Afrikan People Will Not Ever Become Free, Not Until We Learn to become HONEST with ourselves about the state of condition of Afrika and the Black World and who is the cause of Afrika and the Black Life present condition in the World and such Honesty can not be practiced with the Human Being Mind guiding us, the same Mind that is the cause of Afrika and the Black Life Condition, as I presently Communicate with you on this WW Net.

    Beloved, tell me, and you have to be Honest, if you Really desire your Freedom, who is the greatest Terrorist that is now running loose causing a rein of Terror throughout Black Afrika as I speak, no, tell me in all Honesty, who is it that is terrorizing Black People in Black Afrika, is it not the Black so call Afrikans that is causing all of the Blood shed of the Black Life in Afrika or is permitting it to happen?

    Is it a fact, we in our dishonesty attempt to justify such Human Being Evil, by us Black People pretending to be different from each other wearing the same Black coat, as we now pretend to be different from each other based on so call Country State geographical Location , yet occupying the same Land Mass, identified as the Continent of Afrika?

    In america we Black so call americans draw a distinction between each other by the shade of our pigment and economic Class status.

    How Foolish and Sad Black people have become, wearing our New identity as Afrikans and Black americans or British or French or Haitian or Jamaicans and so forth and so on, sporting our Brand New Human Being Mind and with that combination we now portray ourselves to be that which we have mentally transformed to be.

    I invite you to Look, because we no longer can See what such a transformation of the Black Divine Being is a victim of and to that which has been allowed to come to Afrika and caused our Black Life Living condition in this evil world to be as it is today.

    We now operate in our New Human Being Mind, we now approve of such an evil attitude and behavior we Black so call Afrikans are acting out against each other, wherever we are, here on this planet, calling ourselves to be civilized.

    There are Black so call Afrikan Human Beings who rather we Black Folks look the other way through the eyes of the Human Being and speak no Divine Truth about what is happening to Afrika and our kit and Kin on the ground everywhere on this planet, they serving to be the target of the Black Human Beings evil, which is now being acted out against Black people, such is call Black on Black crime attack.

    All because of some flawed political system and misconception of the fact, causing us to believe that we Black Folks are different from each other, because of where we now have been placed on the Holy Land of Tiamet. ( Afrika )

    Divided the Black World has become, by the doing of the Human Beings and now Black folks in Afrika identify ourselves by the false boundary lines the Human Being drew up to segregate Black People from each other, and in america it is done by a community class status distinction, as we further such an evil way of identifying our Black selves, by Divisive Tribal identification and an economic class system, it being the work of the Master Human Beings in this Evil world.

    Freedom, Independence, Peace, and the Sovereignty of the Black Life is no longer a desire of the Black Human Beings, so the action of their Attitude and Behavior is that which serve to the approval of their Human Being Masters, as they emulate the attitude and Behavior of a people that have nothing but contempt for the Black World, and it be these Black Human Beings that have been given charge over the Black so call Afrikans Life, and under their watch.

    I invite you to behold the present condition of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans Life, is our Life present condition something a Divine Mind should be proud of and would claim to be Honest in such an expression about ? Yes it will.

    Where is the dishonest Black so call Afrikans, well I will point out where they are, they are those claiming to be your well so call educated Black Leaders and such pointing, cover Afrika and any and every where else Black people are residing on this planet, referred to as Earth, and based on that Divine Honesty, the proof of such pointing is accurate in identifying the evil that now is causing the state of condition of Afrika and the Black Life.

    I invite you to Run! Run!, No Run!, Run Black Woman And Man and fetch your Mirror and behold the evidence of the wretched condition of the Black World, it is that reflection you are looking at in your mirror that is the cause for Afrika being in the condition it is in today and it is all because of the dishonesty of the Black Human Beings, we who have been given to be in charge of Black so call Afrika, and the Black striving to be Divine Beings are now being attacked by the Brand New Black so call Human Beings, as they Lie and pretend that all is well in Afrika and with Black so call Afrikan People.

    Liars and deceivers unto our Black selves we have become, which is preventing the Black World from being Honest about what was the cause and is now causing Afrika and the Black World to be in the present state of condition we who now are being experienced with such horrible condition today.

    Black Woman and Man, goddess and gods you once were, Divine in your appearance and attitude and behavior you were, and because of the Divine Dynamic Relationship expressed by our Ancient Divine First Way Cosmic Black Ancestors toward each other, the greatest Civilization was lived by Black People on this planet in all Honesty, such Dynamics are the Fruits that is yielded by being in a Divine state of Mental action, meaning all things operating in an action of Harmony, Order, and Balance, a state of Mental condition the Black so call Afrikan Human Being poke fun of, all because they no longer have the Mind that qualify them to be able to comprehend such a level of Divine Living.

    The Garveyites seek to reclaim our Divine Mind and to live a Divine Life again in the place call Afrika, being the New StateIn Afrika with a goal to assist in reclaiming Afrika and Uniting the Black World, we being the Children of the Middle Passage along with all Black People that desire the Greater Good in our Black Life Living, but to the Black so call Human Being, it is all fantasy, wishful anticipation they say, but then, what does the Black so call Afrikan Human Being know, other than what their Human Being Masters have taught them to believe, because the Black so call Human Beings are forbidden to be Honest with them selves, because they are no longer qualified to independently THINK, they now only believe what is told to them, sporting their Brand New miseducation given to them by their Master Human Beings, which is why Afrika and the Black World is in the condition it is in today, but to the Black so call Afrikan Human Being, Afrika and the Black World is in promising shape, such be the Dishonest Looking of the Black so call Human Being, as I communicate to you at the moment you read this Missive.

    The Divine Truth, The Black Human Beings Despise The Divine Truth And The Black World Suffer From Such A Dishonest Attitude, which appreciate Profane Lies concerning The State Of Condition Of The Black World And Afrika.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]