Chief Elder Osiris : Afrika And Afrikans Can Not Be Conquered, Just Surrendered

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    Afrika And Afrikans Can Not Be Conquered, Just Surrendered

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    You know beloved, when you do not know whom you are, then you end up believing the worst about yourselves and to be able to do that, you must accept everything somebody other than yourself tell you about yourself.

    The so call Afrikan today, yes, you who despise being referred to as being Black, you will never, with such a absent Divine Mind, Know and understand the Divine True Mystical and Spiritual aspects about your Black Body and as our Ancient Ancestors has so implied by informing us that we must get to know ourselves, which suggest that we do not know of ourselves, clearly indicate and imply that unless the Black Divine Being return to the Divine Knowledge concerning God, Universe, and Self, then we will live a life of complete ignorance, concerning those Divine Principles, and an ignorant person choose not to recognize and accept the Divine Truth, concerning our Black selves and it is because of such ignorance, that Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans have today, Surrendered Afrika and the so call Black Afrikans Divine Mind, to those that now hold the Black Mind captive in the web of the Human Being Religion.

    When your original Mind Black Woman and Man, when your Divine Mind can not be founded by you, then you set yourselves up to become the pitiful sight we are today, standing around observing what is unfolding right before your eyes concerning Afrika and all we can do is debate each other about who it is that will conquer Afrika and the Black Afrikan people, such a discussion is a defeatist attitude and a ignorant one, because it clearly show that Black people, regardless of whom we are impersonating to be, will not and is not capable of Saving Afrika and the Black Nation, because of the fact that we have lost all knowledge of whom we Black Folks are and such is a sign of the Lost of the Black so call Afrikan Spirituality and now live a Human Being life of Fear and that of a defeatist, faking to be what we are not, which is Divinely Intelligent.

    No, no beloved, Afrika and the so call Black Afrikans will not be conquered, there is no need for that, because in order to be conquered by anything, you need to have put forth a fight against the evil that come to take what you are in possession of, and today, Afrika and the Life of the so call Black Afrikans are there for the taking, because Black folks live with the Spirit of the Human Being, they that prevents us from Fighting in defense of what has been put in our Trust, so we end up surrendering that which our Ancient First Way Ancestors left for us to be in authority of and that is the Land now call Afrika and our Divine Mind and here we are today, have surrendered each of them, Afrika and the Divine Black Mind to those that love to lie and deceive us Black people, how foolishly pitiful we are, as we don't know what we want to be and most certainlynot knowing what we need to be, regarding ourselves.

    Here you are, a Nation that has been split asunder and now have no self respect, no sense of Thought of purpose, just sitting around crying about what is about to happen to Afrika and thus, your confused Black Life, talking about Afrika being and is about to be conquered, Hell, we long ago surrendered Afrika to the Human Beings upon this Planet and in this World.

    We sit and with anticipation on what China motive and intention is toward Afrika, condemning her action before they take effect, yet we refuse to entertain a Given and proved Reality, as we refuse to condemn an action taken against Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan, concerning the Arab and Western world action of behavior toward Afrika and Black so call Afrikans.

    Yet, here we are, always ready to give such a foolish excuse for the lost and Surrender of Afrika and our Life to those evil acting Human Beings, toward Afrika and Her Children of the Sun, desiring not to do anything about it, as a matter of fact we now justify those invading Human Being action, which they took, in order to be in possession of all of Northern Afrika and now is about to make their final push for the whole Continent and all we Black Folks do is talk about it, nobody but a very Few of us Black folks have a plan of how to stop us from Surrendering all of Afrika to our oppressors, but there is no Black organization to advance such plan, because the moment such a plan is revealed, the weakest among us will go running to the Master, and those that claim to be so Afrikan Human Being intelligent, will only end up criticizing , without having something more profound to replace that they criticize.

    Beloved, not since our Brave Warrior Black Ancestors, those that had no problem in defending the Blacks Land of Afrika, against those that came to disrespect our Ancestors, there has not been an effort to defend, as a United Black Nation, the Black Woman and Man Dignity, as our Ancient Black Ancestors fought to retain possession of their Land, Afrika, and during those Times, our Ancient Ancestors never surrendered the Land and when conquered by the enemy, they would reconquer, until it got to where we just decided to surrender, we meaning the present day confused so call Afrikan, who now despise the fact of their Blackness, as we rather refer to ourselves as being nothing, when claiming to be Human, whatever that is, instead of being Divinely Black.

    For the Black Nation to not know of their Body Divine essence, which is a Mind that function in Harmony, Order, and Balance, as so instructed by the Soul of ITS Being, with the Universe Elements, we Black people will continue to surrender to anything and everything that have been told to us by a proved Liar and Deceiver of the Black so call Afrikans, not being able to recognize what could be a Divine Gift to come in Time of need.

    The Divine Truth, The Human Being Afrikan Despise the Truth.

    It Is A Wicked Mind That Pretend To Know Profound Things About God, Universe, And Self,-osiris

    Respond Not To The Order Of Time and You Will Reap The Disorder Of The Human Being Mind.-osiris

    It Is Better To Die In The Presence Of The Energy God, Than To Live In The Presence Of The Human Being God, One Receive you With Honor While The Other Reject you With Dishonor.-osiris

    The Warrior Fight with dignity, The Soldier Surrender With Humility !!!

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
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