Chief Elder Osiris : Africans Should 'Hang Heads in Shame'

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    Africans Should 'Hang Heads in Shame'

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    As I read the statement coming from Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, concerning the lack of leadership in Afrika, I must remind the Archbishop that such an absent of Black so call Afrikan Leadership has been and is now the reason why Afrika and Black so call Afrikan People in Afrika, and every where else Black folks are, is in the condition we now witness of Black so call Afrikan people today and Afrika is the place where Black folks constitute the majority in one common place on this planet.

    Afrikan People should serve notice and should be setting the example of how Black folks should be acting in the face of adversity, yet the Black so call Afrikans in Afrika has been made to become the most Meek of all Black so call Afrikans, as we accept our oppression coming as a shot of evil, as if from a double barrel shot gun blast of evil, coming from our well seasoned oppressors as well as the Black learned oppressors claiming to be Leaders of Black People in Afrika as well as in the Diaspora.

    What beloved Archbishop Tutu must come to term with is that he wear the cloth and represent the attitude and behavior of our oppressors, every time he says the Rosary, hailing Mary as being the Mother of God Son, Jesus, and preaching the Doctrine that come with such ritual, used to destroy an entire Black Nation, it is that type of deception that keep the Rank and File Black so call Afrikan to remain so mental destitute and submissive to such evil, that now flow from the so call Black Afrikan Leadership in Afrika and the Diaspora.

    Black People are powerless because we have acquiesced our power to Black Weakling of the Devil, because Black people have long forgotten that True and Divine Power is invested in a Unified people and today, the Hungry, the Thirsty, the Sick and Maimed of our black people, such is not unified in Mind and Spirit and is being kept to be weak of Mind by the Doctrine Archbishop and the like thereof is preaching to the Real Power of Afrikan people, because a people that is without Divine leadership is a people in bondage by the evil that hold them under arrest, regardless of the pigment coat such counterfeit Leaders wear.

    The Greatest enemy to the Black Afrikans in Afrika today happen to be the Afrikans that serve to be victims in Afrika and the Diaspora, why ? because the people refuse to acknowledge that it is down right evil not to protect the Gift given to us by a Power much greater than we have the Mental ability to imagine in our physical mental state, a mentality that is held in bondage by a made up doctrine call Religion.

    Religion being the creation of the Human Being and it is that Being that has a History of abusing and Killing Black so call Afrikans and here come the coward weak so call Black Afrikan Leadership, now exposing much more of an Evil pain upon the Black so call Afrikans and nobody has the gumption enough to tell the Black so call Afrikan people where the True Divine Power reside, which is within the Divine Mind that has been kept suppressed by the Human Being Mind, a Mind that is Full of Vain Ego and Selfish Jealousy, wanting to oppress others so that they can live easy from the sweat of the brow of the Rank and File so call Black Afrikan, which is where the power reside in Afrika and the Diaspora, waiting to be informed and motivated to rise and get about the fighting to save the Black Life, because such responsibility become that of those of us that are now the victims of such evil oppression.

    Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan will rise only when we desire to Rise to reclaim our Divine Mind and all that goes with such Divinity !!!

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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    Africans Should 'Hang Heads in Shame'
    March 16, 2007
    Cape Town

    Africans should "hang our heads in shame" at this week's suppression of opposition protest in Zimbabwe, Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa said today.
    In an statement issued by his office in Cape Town, Tutu asked: "How can what is happening... elicit hardly a word of concern let alone condemnation from us leaders of Africa?"
    "What more has to happen before we who are leaders, religious and political, of our mother Africa are moved to cry out 'Enough is enough'? Do we really care about human rights, do we care that people of flesh and blood, fellow Africans are being treated like rubbish, almost worse than they were ever treated by rabid racists?"
    Earlier this week, Zwelinzima Vavi, secretary-general of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), said events in Zimbabwe showed that South Africa's policy of "silent diplomacy" had not worked.
    Tutu, the Anglican archbishop emeritus of Cape Town, said he was thankful that Cosatu had spoken out. "I share their consternation at the silence from those we would have expected to speak out on behalf of the voiceless, the powerless ones," he added.

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