Black Positive People : Africans have produced a $1 Corona Virus Test Kit


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QUOTE="ogoun, post: 1032916, member: 58775"]
Why so focused on you? Because you have trashed in one form or another every poster on this thread with either ad hominem attacks amid the claims of your moral superiority and intelligence for the simple pointing out of your wrong assumptions about what had been or is taking place in Senegal or for our sin of looking at the fallacies of your various conspiracies theories.

That is the short answer. The longer can be started here:

If the threads theme is on ending the world wide lock down, that is being studied by probably every scientist in the world at this point. And no one has any answer yet other than what we already do know..........stay bodily healthy, social distancing, testing, contact tracing and isolation care. If you have any better ideas other than magic wand solutions and pixie dust cures pass it on.

Enslaving all of humanity? Don't make me laugh. Humanity is already enslaved and if any good at all comes from this it could be that the lull the pandemic has forced on us make people start re-evaluating what is important and what needs to left behind for the dust bin of history. Though I doubt that will happen.

But after all if nothing else in this world is true, what is true is that Nature bats last. And that you can take to the bank. Ogoun, are you truly this masochistic [above] in that what is all the so CREATIVE editing/ running and hiding from my assertions and questions [above] about?

Additionally, why LIE on a public message board or are you also going to deny that as opposed to complaining my stance was/still is that I'm truly flattered by you and the rest of the WEAK's [how/why is it my fault that you so obviously didn't pay attention at school, make it to a reasonably good college/can hardly construct a sentence] focus on my alleged failings/inadequacies as opposed to my own focus on ending ASAP the worldwide paradigm-shifting lockdown/enslave EVERYONE this time POWER PLAY by the LUCIFERIAN LUNATICS inc/Rothschild BANKSTERS being experienced by humanity TODAY?

ould you believe that I'm hoping and praying that you're just another PALEFACE cyberspace CURTROLL BATTERING RAM in that despite far too much experience to the contrary, I constantly prefer to distance the so very petulant inanity, very very desperate need to project OVERVIEW [while literally in possession of no real world skills] you're so publicly displaying in your responses [Floyd Mayweather isn't as evasive as YOU] to date from the African gene pool?

Additionally PEOPLE, doesn’t Donald Trump’s very public sign off of this Corona virus Stimulus package on the 27th March 2020 very spectacularly display that what we’re actually experiencing is a very very dangerous paradigm shifting PLANDEMIC by these MANIACS; as highlighted by the Corona virus bill HR748 first being read in Congress [are all TELEPATHS perhaps] in January 2019; in stark contrast to the World Health Organisation not declaring the Corona virus a potential pandemic until January 2020?

QUOTE="jamesfrmphilly, post: 1032700, member: 4688"]
ever try decaf ???? WHATEVER James, so you truly don’t mind being under house arrest for the last 3 months, probably being extended to years if you decide to not be vaccinated and microchipped?

QUOTE="ogoun, post: 1032784, member: 58775"] Metaphors that ran through my head as I read what ever you can call that; word salad, a dogs dish, thin gruel.

Hmmm, I'm sure I can call up more if I wanted to show off some literary chops. If I were you I'd take James advice, lay off the caffeine and use the mirror for something besides self-admiration. Ogoun, isn’t REALITY a very very fast oncoming train, why not at least try to rationally evaluate [despite your so very obviously limited spiritual/intellectual stature] if you’re standing on/between the rails or don’t you and your ilk want to ever be safely positioned on the station platform?

Is the ongoing African HOLOCAUST of over 500 years duration [that enslaved our African ancestors, maimed, mutilated and murdered their siblings and comrades for either refusing to bow/ be BROKEN or as the means of traumatizing the rest of us into total subservience] a figment of my imagination too, perhaps, whereas doesn’t the worldwide lockdown highlight the fact that Bill Gates and the rest of the LUCIFERIAN LUNATICS inc/Rothschild BANKSTERS coalition are systematically enslaving EVERYONE this time, where on Earth are you and the rest of the genuinely clueless or totally baffled and confused getting your so rose-tinted perspective from?

Ogoun, you truly are a multiple persona TROLL/cyberspace BATTERING ram aren’t you [actually constructed sentences above], whereas isn't the jury still out as to what is really going on as highlighted by Australian doctor and virologist Tom Bennett’s Facebook video which aligns with the information I recall from The Strecker Memorandum with regard to viruses NEVER EVER jumping species [as alleged in Wuhan last year] apart from in a laboratory’s Petrie dish, mysteriously vanishing being removed by Facebook?

The Corona virus is the first on record that is behaving like a germ warfare agent, and is it also coincidence that both the virus and vaccine already have patents and is it also by chance that Bill Gates and the rest of the current POWER ELITE/LUCIFERIAN LUNATICS inc and their Rothschild BANKSTER cohorts and lackeys are utilizing this CHAOS to set up their mass vaccination and microchip implants for ALL of humanity [to supposedly KEEP US SAFE, in reality be able to cull humanity’s masses with cancers and toxins including deploying RNA fragments to rewrite the human genome to sterilize the masses which is why Bill Gates is aspiring to deploy 7 billion Corona vaccines]; initiative, totally enslaving EVERYONE [10 times more efficiently than the irons used on our enslaved African ancestors, and their siblings and comrades who were tortured, mutilated and murdered for either refusing to BOW/be BROKEN, or as the means of traumatizing the rest of us into total subservience] this time?

QUOTE="ogoun, post: 1033170, member: 58775"]
No it is not.
Ever heard of the Spanish Flu?
Ever heard of Anthrax?
Ever heard of mad cow disease?
Ever heard of Ebola?
Ever heard of HIV?
Ever heard of polio?
Ever heard of Small Pox?

How many more do I need name?
[/QUOTEOgoun, so frequent handwashing and the wearing of protective masks was the means by which Spanish Flu, Ebola, HIV, Polio and Smallpox were curbed were they or are YOU just assuming that we're all trapped in the totally CLUELESS CRETIN zone like YOU, excuses your ongoing headlong flight/bail out from the underlined section of my question above how exactly?

QUOTE="ogoun, post: 1033239, member: 58775"] Well mr. science teacher why don't you tells us exactly how those various pathogens were controlled. (by the way that is only the short list). Floyd Mayweather is a total novice with regard to evasion in comparison to YOU, as isn’t your only consistency bailing out from addressing assertions and answering questions [underlined in this post with a question] in the so very very direct manner possible with this medium, I hope you’re just clowning, fear that you're not?

Oh and mr. science teacher, tell us just how large the family of the corona virus is. How long ago it was identified as such and has been studied in all it's different manifestations and it's attack modes.

There's not a bio-lab in the world worth it's salt that doesn't own a patent of some kind against some aspect of the corona virus. And the bill gates of the world don't need no micro-chip to control or keep track of anybody. They already got that covered.

QUOTE="ogoun, post: 1033243, member: 58775"]

Well mr. science teacher if you'd answered my question instead of evading it you'd given the answer that is obvious.........vaccinations. Vaccinations have been spectacularly successful with regard to stopping [as opposed to actually kick starting] the annual epidemic worldwide have they, so how why is the Corana vaccine going to be any better, and have YOU been vaccinated against Ebola, Anthrax, Mad cow disease, HIV and Smallpox, because I certainly haven’t [I definitely wouldn’t have any of them now]?

So testing everyone in the USA for less than $1.00 utilizing the Senegalese test, costing a total of $330 million isn’t a cost effective means of ending the ongoing Corona PLANDEMIC FIASCO [isolating and treating the sick] as opposed to the mass vaccination narrative their mass/social media continues to hype as don’t you KNOW that their focus is the sterilization/exterminaton of humanity’s masses generally, specifically the masses of non-whites and peoples of African ethnicity?
For the umpteenth time except for validation studies that test is not in existence YET. Ogoun, why are you telling LIES on a public message board with regard to the manner in which Senegal’s Corona virus testing kit and mobile labs have limited the damage the Corona virus has done to Senegal to date [are you blind, deaf or just STUPID]?
QUOTE="ogoun, post: 1033248, member: 58775"] Oh hum, you don't even read your own ink.

Note the future tense used in the be made. In fact the tenor of the entire vid is in the future tense. Ogoun, which part of "rapid accurate Covid 19 test kits" didn't you hear along with the dispersal of these and testing labs around Senegal and other African countries over the last 3 months?

For a science teacher you are spectacularly non-curious and ill informed. What kind of science did you say you teach?

[/QUOTE Why are YOU so devoted to the current POWER ELITE mass vaccination narrative as to be so consistently telling LIES totally baffled and confused treacherous Black NEGROBOT or PALEFACE cyberspace CURTROLL BATTERING RAM stylie, in a public forum, have you even watched this video?
QUOTE="ogoun, post: 1033294, member: 58775"] From a couple of months ago;

Come somewhere around June we should hear more about how the validation tests have worked out.
[/QUOTE Ogoun, doesn't the article state that the validation tests relate to usage in the UK and worldwide of what has been used in Senegal since they locked the country down, used even luxury hotels to isolate positive tests and their contacts, whereas had you actually watched the video you would see that the test kits and mobile labs have been in use in Senegal since March 2020, are in use NOW?

QUOTE="ogoun, post: 1033144, member: 58775"]
So you've tried in every way to insult me and still can't rise above grade school level. Now you try for a deflection to another subject yet again. Ya want me to tear it apart piece by piece for you?

Or should I ignore it all as a useless endeavor and write you off as a brother whose hopelessly lost? Because so far the part you've played is a ribbon clerk in a five and dime, but after all what did I expect from someone who's claim to fame was a copier. (what else do you use that toner for?)

Up to now being copier is the only thing 'new' you've 'written' unless we count the inarticulate gobbledygook thrown in as some kind of revelation of your unassailable 'great wisdom'.

Get back to me if you want an intelligent dialogue otherwise I'm tired of trying to deal with a man child who can't rise above the 8th grade level in thought or speech. [/QUOTE Appeasing your so very very desperate need for OVERVIEW as opposed to at least addressing ways and means of ending the worldwide lockdown POWER PLAY enslaving Humanity today like Senegal's cheap and effective Corona virus test kit ; because wouldn't you actually be the most brilliant GENUIS EVER if you were even 10% as intelligent as YOU think you are [come CORRECT or not at ALL in cyberspace as I will continually utilized the DRIVEL [above] you post to hit you on the head with]?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?



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Jun 14, 2018
[/QUOTE Ogoun, doesn't the article state that the validation tests relate to usage in the UK and worldwide of what has been used in Senegal since they locked the country down, used even luxury hotels to isolate positive tests and their contacts, whereas had you actually watched the video you would see that the test kits and mobile labs have been in use in Senegal since March 2020, are in use NOW?


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