Black Positive People : Africans have produced a $1 Corona Virus Test Kit


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Jun 14, 2018
For all practical purposes I hardly matters to be arguing about whether this or that disease was man made or as the natural progression on a world teeming with all forms of life with each one adapting for a foot hold on the ever growing tree. Those evil jinn's have already crossed over and roam in our world now.
To think or act otherwise is a distraction to the actual problem at hand.


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Jun 14, 2018
QUOTE="ogoun, post: 1032086, member: 58775"]
You read much? Have you experienced much? Hell have you ever even left your block?Closing gyms, bars and clubs and restaurants is NOT a curfew!

A curfew is NO ONE on the street after a set time to until after the time it is lifted. That is NO ONE! except officials that are there to enforce the curfew. So if one is caught out and about after curfew.......they best have a dam good reason for being where they don't belong.

How many closed borders you have around your world Orisons? You do know what CLOSED means don't you?

Rigorous and invasive contact tracing and forced isolation for mere contact. If you had listened to the podcast you'd have found what I was saying.

Because it's exactly one of the things engendered from the powers that be that makes you absolutely barking mad to even think about.

I have heard or read nothing provided by you or anywhere else that say categorically they are in deployment for use at this date. Only that their development is based on the Dengue fever kits, that point about the seed root is made quite plain in all references.

As I said.......I could be wrong about the mobile labs actual existence......but if so it will have to be proven by more than your mere insistence.

Now where did you hear me say anything about African failure? Or to allude to any such any where in this thread?

But enough is enough. I've tried to have a reasonable dialog and in return all I/we get is petty harangues about we not black enough.

Yeh, no one as knowledgeable you. Yeh, no one is more conscience. Yeh, no one more militant.
Yeh we get it, no one is more Black then you.
Grow up

Why do YOU and so many of the other FIGHT in an empty room and still LOSE/get beaten very very BADLY posse in cyberspace always seem to be suffering from Pre-menstrual tension [that only women are supposed to be blighted with}?

"If the corona virus is a sham, then Senegal hasn't accomplished much has it."

QUOTE="ogoun, post: 1031944, member: 58775"]
I question when will they be available anywhere.
[/QUOTE Ogoun, your so consistently INANE comments [above] in this thread with regard to what Senegal has been doing since March 2020 to limit the damage the Corona virus will do to Senegal's inhabitants, or not even listening to the excellent link you provided in which 2 white USA families praised Senegal's response; especially in comparison to the USA's CDC, is YOU at your pro-Black best perhaps?

Aren't you and James [at least has a sense of humour] very publicly highlighting how most of the people trapped in the totally baffled and confused BLACK NEGROBOT zone truly don't KNOW they're in there, have been decapitated by the tag below all of my posts?

QUOTE="jamesfrmphilly, post: 1032118, member: 4688"]
:10500: so, if i don't agree w you there is something wrong w me ??? [/QUOTE I give up James, is there something WRONG with you, or is there some other reason why you folk revel in elevating addressing assertions and answering questions in this thread in the so very direct manner possible with this medium to ROCKET SCIENCE?

QUOTE="jamesfrmphilly, post: 1032127, member: 4688"]
i get vaccinated, you will not.

i have not one time called you anything because of yr position.
i have never said you are this or that because you do not think the same as me.

so i don't see it your way ? so what ? where is it written that i have to ?

i keep an open mind. if i see vaccinated people falling like flies i will change my mind.
i have changed up on several of my positions.

so i ask, why do having a different opinion make you so angry ?
[/QUOTE James, Ogoun, is there a specific reason why you are both in DENIAL of the fact the USA and the rest of the Western Imperialists have consistently weaponised vaccination, committed genocide in the past by giving smallpox and other infectious diseased patients blankets to indigenous peoples [would have no natural immunity at all] to wipe them out, deliberately poisoned Flint's water, are systematically murdering African Americans in NYC's and various other hospitals to elevate their Corona death rate?

Aren't those maliciously EVIL White Supremacist RACIST initiatives ongoing TODAY, which is why wouldn't it be CRAZY for YOU or anyone non-white even think of taking ANY vaccine produced by the Gates Foundation and their acolytes worldwide [have been thrown out of India for making Indian women sterile]; especially as they are being bio-engineered to utilize the human RNA fragments they contain to rewrite the human genome with regard to fertility [us elders being sterilized isn’t an issue, but what about young Black people, isn’t that GENOCIDE] and cerebral capacity function to automatically produce IDIOTS?

Ogoun, James, isn’t it obvious that the USA’s CDC isn’t interested in deploying a widespread testing regime to isolate, efficiently end the current epidemic [in weeks as opposed to years] as their agenda is a martial law/forced vaccination on the grounds of “Public Safety” primarily focused on the USA’s underclass in which non-whites generally, specifically African Americans are STILL majority stakeholders aren’t THEY, why not WAKE UP?

As you folks so obviously don't want to KNOW about such a cost-effective means of ending the current lockdown, can we just agree to differ?

QUOTE="jamesfrmphilly, post: 1032171, member: 4688"]

i don't know jack about the UK and so you never hear me make statements about it.

is there a chance that you may not know as much about the US as those who live here?

you speak as though you have knowledge of US, Senegal, every place in the world.

i submit that a video from BBC is not enough to give you intimate knowledge of what is happening on the ground.

i have no idea what the rothchilds are doing, they don't invite me to their meetings.

why not scale back your pronouncements to things that you have actual experience in ?

just sayin.....

[/QUOTE Saying what exactly James, Ogoun, in that how many countries have either of you been to [apart from living in the UK for some time I have been to France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Moscow,Russia, The Czech Republic, Poland, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Ethipia, Hong Kong, Beijing, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, USA, Venezuela, Cuba, Trinidad and I was born and spent my first 8 years in Guyana]?

Additionally, what are your professions [I’m a Mechanical Designer [with a solo Design patent for Xerox mid volume photocopier Group] with Subsea and Topsides Oil and Gss experience/Project Manager [s Maths & Science teacher at a community Saturday School], what are either of you skilled, proficient at, or have you EVER done to justify your existence apart from expelling hot overly emotive air?

I offered you both a conciliatory way out of this thread [underlined above] only for James who has NEVER EVER addressed any assertions or answered any questions at all in the so very direct manner possible with this medium anywhere on this forum; to challenge my “actual experience” as you [you know absolutely NOTHING about virology or any other Science, do YOU] have real-world-experience of what exactly?

Thanky That mighty white of you.

You want caustic? You want sarcasm? Just keep throwing shade fool. I ain't the peaceful soul James is.

Every assertion you've made from the start to now has been answered. and not by resorting to rocket science unless you consider critical thinking and the written word rocket science mr. big shot mechanical engineer. So why you keep ducking questions? Why every time you paint yourself in a corner you go running off in another direction?

I recall another thread some where that you complained about how you felt picked on because every thread always came down to you instead of the matter at hand. Then there's another thread where your beating on someone for trying to agree with you. Nah, it couldn't be you.............must be the rest of the world. Ogoun, are you truly this masochistic [above] in that what is all the so CREATIVE editinng/ running and hiding from my assertions and questions [above] about?

Additionally, why LIE on a public message board or are you also going to deny that as opposed to complaining my stance was/still is that I'm truly flattered by you and the rest of the WEAK's [how/why is it my fault that you so obviously didn't pay attention at school, make it to a reasonably good college/can hardly construct a sentence] focus on my alleged failings/inadequacies as opposed to my own focus on ending ASAP the worldwide paradigm-shifting lockdown/enslave EVERYONE this time POWER PLAY being experienced by humanity TODAY?

Would you believe that I'm hoping and praying that you're just another PALEFACE cyberspace CURTROLL BATTERING RAM in that despite far too much experience to the contrary, I constantly prefer to distance the so very petulant inanity you're so publicly displaying in your responses to date from the African gene pool?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?

So you edit a post to include partially the words I posted well after your original post as an answer to a post made after your original post? (yeh, it's just as screwed up as it sounds)
That kind of BS is about as weak as it gets jack.
If you want to answer anything I have to say then do it in the order of the answers and replies. Got it?
Or is that too much like rocket science for you mr. math and science wizard?

So in 'post-creatively' editing a post you hoped to accomplish what? At this point I can understand why you don't want to discuss Senegal but what do you want to deflect to? Ah I see, you think (once again) attacking what you PERCEIVE as my failings (as well as others) will get you somewhere. Understand something, you know nothing about me so you best check your assumptions at the door.
Do you really feel that inadequate that you think you can cow me with your parts schedules, graph paper and t-square mr. narcissistic weep?
You strut around as if graduating into the class of enablers for and to serve the likes of Gates and rest of the 1% were anything to be proud of.


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Jun 14, 2018
The trouble I have with reports like that James is they always preface the 'reporting' with 'is developing' while the headline misleads and shades the whole story.
Every report I've seen and heard say the same thing........'is developing' and now under validation studies.
Mean while the story of how Senegal has quashed this disease in their country is left unreported.
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