Pan-Africanism : Africans, American blacks try to defuse tensions

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    Africans, American blacks try to defuse tensions

    By Lornet Turnbull

    Seattle Times staff reporter

    Tensions between African Americans and newly arriving immigrants from Africa sometimes play out on school grounds. The same distrust shows up in small businesses, too, as evidenced by the reluctance of one group to hire the other.

    And some believe those same tensions may have been a factor in the shooting a week ago of two immigrants — one Ethiopian man, one Eritrean — outside an Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle. One of the two men died. The survivor believed the shooter was an African-American woman.

    In a rare meeting Wednesday, about a dozen African-American and African leaders sat down to discuss the distance between people who share ancestry and heritage, if not culture, and to develop ways to bridge the growing gap between them.

    "We are going to rise together and we're going to fall together," said the Rev. Robert Jeffrey, of the New Hope Baptist Church in Seattle. "Until we embrace each other in a very visible way, there'll always be this level of division."

    The arrival of immigrants from Africa, particularly East Africa, has helped drive population growth in places like Seattle. In many large cities, tensions have led to conflict and all-out violence.