Black Poetry : Africano Y Mexicana (The Welcome Of Curiousity)

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    I don’t know what it is about her. But there is something that calls to me. Like deep calling unto deep. One night the sound of it rattled me from my sleep. Her lips, her eyes...the way they sparkle when the summer sun shines on them. Her smile, yes her smile...that million dollar smile. There is something ... I just can’t put my finger on it.
    maybe just maybe...

    The mystery of her flavor eludes my palate
    the licking of the savor to satiate the palate
    brown skin disappearing into a latin sea
    not gone for long or permanently
    it arises with no surprises
    2 making love until final sunrises
    latin princess crowning africano...El Rey
    uncovering and discovering passion into the day
    lip licking with skin sticking like velcro under the summer heat
    a welcome to the aztec entrance begins with raised feet
    delicious water rushing down her rivers banks
    africano enters her temple on his knees giving thanks
    tongues of praise offered up to the goddess within
    he seeks to enter so he penetrates the veil of skin...

    those eyes speak like scriptures written by holy prophets
    and each time they blink i am learning new topics
    her voice is like the sound of water running down a creek
    her lips plump grapes accentuated by the ripeness of her cheek
    her table is spread and i desire to taste
    the mexican delicacies that begin from her waist
    her breasts speak of comfort and a place for him to rest
    with luscious elixirs being dripped from her breast
    africano descendant invading her ancesteral plain
    sending out fire from my passion which falls like rain
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