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Sep 2, 2003
Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa
Human Performance Consultant
For those who are questioning my race, I am very African, South African to be more specific , Zulu by tribe and cosmopolitan by circustances and now by choice. The inspiration behind the post was that not only did I want to know what your views are on the subject but it was also the fact that as much as I reside in the motherland, being brought up in Johannesburg, and that resulted in my first language being English, my second being the opressors language (Afrikaans) and my third language being Zulu, which I rarely speak and not by choice but we have 11 official languages and so communication can be problamatic at times.

I work for one of the big global consulting firms, drive a German car, have access to world class technology etc. and because of the great devide of the haves and the have nots, rural areas where people still practice their traditions and customs and yes the fact that I am guilty of not falling into that category as both my parents were born in the city. Am I considered African by my own people, sadly the answer to that question is NO. Why you might ask. Their reasoning is that I can't even begin to appreciate what living the 'African' way truly is and the fact that I have not taken the time to learn about who I am and where I am from is a big problem with them. The fact of the matter is most people who reside in the Southern Regions of Africa are also misplaced people, the true natives of the country I call my own are the San and the Hottentots. My point was and still is, is the fact that as much as Africa is home to me, Even Africans face many challenges belonging to South Africa and imagine that it must be a whole lot more difficult for brothers and sisters who are so far removed from the Motherland.

With that said, my intention was never to cause the 'great devide' or to define the level of Africaness in people but to let you know that one's Africanness is not only questioned in individuals not residing in the motherland.

Ntombizodwa Gumbi

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