Africa : African

" i would be totally out of my character. the dialect, language, customs, traditions, climate, politics etc would all be foreign to me. africa is part of me. american is who i am."

Dont be so sure of that.
the television has a fixation with making you believe that.
Its a matter of Spirit,in the west we deal with
way too much contemplation and fear and least


Technically your right of course there are many
other names for Africa but thats another
can of worms,its a case of
start where we have the most association,
we have to have something that we can
relate to so we can advance to that point and
agree together on the (Neccesary) renaming
but for now there arent too many of our
people who can relate, I mean look how hard
it is to Keep people to relate to AFRICA.

Im so tired man!



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