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Sep 22, 2003
Greetings to the board. I've been following this thread for some time and decided it was time to tell My Story. I was born and raised (not bred) in SAVANNA(H), GA. (I conveniently put parenthesis around the 'H', to show relation to the Afrikan word). Savanna(h) imported African slaves from the Caribbean and the Continent. Savanna(h) is complete with Islands and Swamp/Marshland. This is ideal for growing rice hence the "Lowcountry" being mainly composed of Rice Plantations. West Africans (the ones who survived the middle passage) were brought there to work the rice fields since they were already experts at it. (Savannah was named so because of the resemblance of the land to certain places on the coast of West Africa <NOT a coincidence!>) The Patriarch of my mother's family was an ex-slave who built a community in rural GA for the rest of his family who existed at the time in the 19th century. His mother was an Afrikan who was born on the continent. The patriarch of my father's family did the same thing in another rural GA town. You see, I'm part of the FOURTH generation of Afrikans who were enslaved here in GA. Have I ever been to Africa? No, I have not had the pleasure as of yet. Am I not an Afrikan? OF COURSE I AM!! Not in the PC definition. But to all "Black" people who would deny my birthright, I pose ONE QUESTION: If extraterrastrials (let's just say Martians) landed anywhere on Earth, procreated, and after a couple of generations would they still be martians or earthlings?? I know this is a bit of a stretch but the laws still apply. Just like brother Malcolm said, putting kittens in the oven DON'T MAKE THEM BISCUITS. Now, there are some "Black" people who feel the need to deny themselves and everyone else (misery loves company) of their ancestry. One more question, my lil' cousin is half Nigerian half Georgian. Is he an Afrikan? The thing is you would never know it unless he told you. My Brother-in-law is Haitian and whenever he comes to GA (not a big concentration of Haitians) He is "mistaken" for being from the Continent because of his skin tone, accent, right down to the food that he eats. And we all have heard some knowledge of the traditions that Haitians have kept to this day. But according to some, Haitians are not Afrikan because of where they are on a map(???) I have news for SOME of you. Right across the Savannah River in South Carolina there are some AFRIKAN settlements that have survived. Yes, I'm referring to the GEECHIE/GULLAH nation, who still speak a "pidgin" or creole dialect mixed with english AND West African words. Sorry for the long post but I HAD to get this off my chest. I'm tired of the division. How in the HELL are we supposed to UNITE and we're jabberin' and slobberin' profusely about who is what? What are YOU?

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Aug 31, 2003
spirit people and the rituals of holy men

To Brother Isanusu,

The question is not have I experienced perceived spirits, but do the spirit perceive my experience, in this world. Believe me, I know it does. For, I have a special relationship with the spiritual world.

And by the way Brother Isanusu, If it's taking you, more than, 42 years to become an African, you might need some new African "rituals", or maybe, It takes more than rituals to be yourself.

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Jul 24, 2003
Great States
Although it appears your deep and meaningful post went over our heads
I Hear You!!!!
Welcome my Brother and let us not let
these western Phylosophical squables ever divide
our AFRICAN selves again but then again this to
me is Judgement day and rather than being drawn into this,(for me) its best to carefully observe individuals possitions on the matter so before the (proverbial) **** hits the fan you know
who is who!
One thing I ask is what inspires people to come
together but I see everyones struggle motives
are different these things are often discovered in
hindsite. After all some just deep down want a
piece of the Apple.
Even though its rotten.



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Aug 31, 2003
Applicable knowledge and applicable rituals commited to the spiritually responsible.

Peace Brother Isanusu,

Though, like the majority of Black people in this country, I was raised a Christian and a Baptist, but today, I am not a Christian, in the ecumenical sense. I have studied the Judeo-Christian religion for its historical, socio-cultural and anthropological relevance, or lack thereof, as it applies to African-Americans and the other ancient African-Asiatic cultures i.e., Canaanites, Sumerians, Kemetic Egyptians, etc.

First of all, I have found out, for one, that apologist, racist revisionist and Greco-Roman scholars have extensively revised the true nature and cultural sociology of the original African-Hebraic people. Secondly, though I reject corrupted Christian doctrines and ideologies, that have been, rammed down the throats of our people, I have observed how Black people, once again, through genetic memory and spiritual intervention, display unique non-European ritualism, in their relationship and worship of the Most high and I accept the spiritual nurturing and gratification I received from my upbringing. For, it was the catalyst that opened my mind to the spiritual world, furthering the inquest of my spiritual dispositions as an African man.

Now, in answering your other question, I am also aware of the extraordinarily awesome contributions Africans have given to the societies of the world.


And to go further with this reattribution, the world is, probably, only looking at the tip of the iceberg, as it pertains to ancient African cultural and scientific civility. For, the destruction and decline of Black civilization is not just 400 years old or 4,000 thousand years old, and scientific evidence and spiritual enlightenment is revealing that, African high civilization may be as old as time itself.

If you notice in my previous posts, I only talk about non-evasive and alternative forms of technology and energy; innovative sciences, in relation to natural laws and phenomenon that could invoke independent living, apart from our oppressors (international capitalist and interventionist). These oppressors helped, if not instigate, the expeditious destruction of our rituals, cultures and continuities, with greatness.

I hope that this post answers your questions. For, I am not part of these discussions to destroy progress and hope, but to assist in the furthering of our development, toward hopefully a non-rhetorical and function African reality.


Brother Sun Ship

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Aug 31, 2003
I agree my brother, let's put the horse out to pasture.

Brother Isanusu,

This type of discourse is healthy for our people. For, it wasn’t easy for those who came before us and we shouldn’t be looking for an easy way out, of this exilic condition. We have a humongous job ahead of us, as it applies to the re-enlightenment of our people and the first battle starts with ourselves.

I have read the post relating to your daughter’s adventures and research. I found it very interesting and will make other comments in that thread.

I agree, we are really pursuing the same goals and neither one of our journeys are more important than the others. We have dealt with important issues as it applies to how we see ourselves spiritually, which, I would agree, is the most defining dimension of who we are as Black people of African descent.

So, stay steadfast on your spiritual path, my brother, and let not your inquiries and/or works ever cease in your spiritual pursuits.


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