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Mar 19, 2001
Dance under the moonlight
to the sound of the jimbe'
sway to carribean steel drums
and place visions of you
tracing your outline upon my
state of mental with your
spiritual instrumental
dance with the grace of
gazelles playing on the serengeti
until the equator hides the sun

the voices of Songhai
are singing your name into tomorrow
and placing diamonds at your feet

dance queen dance!!!
dance queen dance!!!

let no one steal the rhythm God
gave you....

dance us into a new day
african children need your inspiration
your expresso motion outlines
the sky for the sun
to find it's place
shining freedom over the diaspora
of those in need of your rhythm

dance queen dance!!!

(c)2001 blakverb

ps: I just want the n.c address.

My heart endulging in a rhythmic dance
this scribe has got me in a mentalphysical trance

you queen dance

I say only if you'll take my hand
stand with me as we share
teach the richness of our culture


I am now at a loss of I move to the rhythm of your scribe

:heart: you much my friend!


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