Black People : African "Values" and Europian "Values" are totally ... "Opposit" of each other!

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    This so-called Battle is only the manifestation of the 'change' in the minds of the Black man and Black woman. This is our time to 'Rise' and wake up and 'know' our Ancestors (Self) first ... and that is the 'Key' to the 'Last' step out of the 'Mind' set of the white 'Race' for the Black man and woman ... and into 'Your' own 'Mind' ... as then you will begin to start thinking for your 'Black-Self '.

    With out purging your mind totally and will only end up ware you started. There is 'Nothing What so Ever' of the so-called 'White Race's thinking and 'Values' ... that we will want to use in the we return to our 'Original-Nature' and 'Knowing Our Black Self '.

    Every thing that you think right now is 'Useless' to our 'Collective'...Future. There are certain things that one must do to move into a different direction than 'We' have been going...and ware is that? That has been to stay in the same matter what 'We' have done because 'We' (Black People) have 'Foolishly' continued to 'Think' only with the 'Values' of (the) 'Our Oppressors' ... The so-called White Race.

    This is the 'Main' reason why after all we have done ... since the time of 'Slavery' to 'Free' ourselves...'We' always still end up in the same place! All of the movements didn't help...because 'We' (Black People)...have continued to 'Think' for ourselves with the 'So-Called White Man and White Woman's Values'. Know that the so-called white Race's 'Values' are NOT...our 'Values'.

    We (Black People) can not and will not 'Ever' realize any form of 'Liberation' for our selves as long as we continue to 'Think' in the 'Values' of the 'Stranger'...we have learn to call the so-called 'White man and white woman'. There are no exceptions...and the 'Proof' is already evident and proven to us if we are learning to be 'Wise' and starting to wonder why 'We' have never been successful in our quest for 'Liberation'...after '500-Years' !!

    The so-called 'Battle' is only the beginnings of our new...'Growing Pangs'...ware we are starting to experience a greater since of 'Awareness' that is brought about by the 'Universe' it self. We are growing into a new 'Creation'...but also a 'Universal' return to our own 'Nature and Purpose'...that was taken away from us under the 'Invasions' of the 'Invaders' who had and still have nothing what so ever to offer "US".!

    Stop...Stop...Stop...trying to 'Compare' what you think you know to what is 'Coming' !! You don't have anything (Clue) what so ever to compare to what is in your 'Future'...because you have lost everything and don't know anything except what your 'Oppressor's want you to know...and that is only how to be a better slave to them..."The System of so-called White Supremacy" !!

    If you are too proud to understand this...then you are 'Doomed' to continue to only repeat over, over and over what ever that is that your mis-guided 'Thinking' can and will bring you...not the 'Knowledge of Self '...but only the corrupt, fabricated, racist 'Values' that you have now that will always keep you in the same 'Slavery' and misery that 'We' as a people have been 'Suffering for 500 Years'.

    Know that some one has to tell you to cause you to start to think about it. Think in your own 'Value-System'...learn what that is...and teach our 'Children' after you learn to 'Know Your Self '. The so-called (Original) African 'Values' are our "Future" and nothing else. This is how the 'Battle of so-called Beliefs' is going to be 'Won'!! "KNOW THY SELF"

    Confusion is the only reward for those who are foolish enough to continue to think that they can 'Win' any form of 'Liberation' from their 'Oppressor' by using the same 'Values' as their 'Oppressors'. The 'Devices' that are holding us (Back) in the same condition has always been what the 'Oppressors' have use...and that is 'Every-Thing' that is the "System of so-called White Supremacy's"..."Values"...that are absolutely and totally not the 'Values' of the Black Man and Black woman !!

    We shouldn't concern ourselves with any of the threats to cause 'Fear'...or any 'Intimidation' that is waged agents 'Us'...but only concern yourself with..."What We Must Do" to change our "Reality" and then the so-called "Battle of Beliefs" is done and "Won"...for we will than have arrived in the 'Right Direction' of our collective...Rise and return to our own..."Culture / Spirituality". Give the so-called white man and white woman BACK all of ... their corrupted...values !!


    Alway remember ... even a DOG ... will not return to the same place that it got Hurt ".