Africa : African-style dental care

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    African-style dental care

    If you go to OLD SOUTHERN TOWNS where being BLACK still puts you WAY WAY WAY BACK, if you check out some RULY and UNRULY OLD CHAPS or ELDERS they still chew on STICK but most of that was REPLACED by TOBACCO which caused them MASSIVE TEETH and GUM LOSS.

    I do them CHEWING STICKS. I understand in AFRICA its no BIG THING but here it can and does make YOU look like your NOT FROM AROUND HERE.

    One time when I went to a MINI-MART run by some A-RABS their YOUNGSTER notice I had some sticks in my COAT.

    I said it was NOTHING.

    Then he said do you chew on them. I reluctantly said YEA.

    He said my GRANDFATHER did the same thing your doing NOW. Then he told me HIS STORY about the MATTER. I didnt KNOW such things could bring CONVERSATION of another KIND. Something to IMPROVE HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS in the NATION.

    If I FOLLOW RUTHLESS WHITE then you know what would happen to this AFRICAN CUSTOM....

    Oh well.

    Yeah its got all the HEALTH BENEFITS. No QUESTION about IT.

    This HOT NEWS and now all the WORLD WILL BE on PATHS of DESTRUCTION with IT.