Black People : African refugees say Arab Muslims more racist than Europeans

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May 6, 2013

Under liberal dogma, the world is divided between the evil European colonialist exploiters of doom and the Oppressed masses of the Third World. In the real world, things are very different.
This is Morocco, one of the few moderate Arab countries, though not for long with the victory of an Islamist party. It’s fairly tolerant by Muslim standards, which is still wildly intolerant by European standards.
“Be careful, those blacks might eat you,” a Moroccan juice seller in the little border town of Fnideq warned us. They might what? “Yes, really,” he replies. “They can do anything.
True assessment. This radical, fanatical backward group of female haters has had a hand in our enslavement for a very lonnnnnnnnng time.
Exactly so why would anyone try to rationalize them and say the are Black? The Wolof and Fulani trace their heritage 30 thousand years. Do these folks look Black to you?


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