African Traditional Religion : African Origins Of Freemasonry


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Aug 1, 2019
African Origins Of Freemasonry ,
This book will give you the true history behind Egypt and the Mason lodges which existed throughout history.
It should be read in companion with George GM James' Stolen Legacy.
I enclosed a download link to the PDF for this book, being that the majority of our people are unaware just how
much of our knowledge and legacy has been is VITAL that our people be made aware of this book.
This is to prevent our people from being brainwashed by fear of some organization called "illuminati"
or the so-called American Freemasons. Sharing this information should make our people aware that we are the
leaders of the ancients and that our history has been manipulated and used for evil and manipulation.
Black Man, Woman, and child, you are not a slave, it is 2020 It is time you know the ultimate truth. This truth will
set you free. The eye on the back of the dollar bill is indeed your eye of horus, your Third Eye. George GM James
has alluded to this in his book Stolen Legacy. I feel as though this website is where our people can share valuable
knowledge to liberate our people. So I hope this link serves its purpose, as knowledge is what will set our people free.
This book has been paid for. I shared my copy with you. This info I can't share on Facebook because Facebook is controlled and biased. Which is why I'm proud we have our own safe space to commune and exchange knowledge. It took me 3 days to assemble this book so it would be greatly appreciated if you added it to your library. It's 2020. Our vision must be clear to awaken from blindness, into perfect vision.

Free The Mind, Release The Chains...
--Clifford Onehundredd

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