Black Events : African Liberation Day: Is Obama Black Power?

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    The African People's Socialist Party presents:

    African Liberation Day 2008
    The Ballot or the Bulltet Revisted: Is Barack Obama Black Power?

    Watch the video!

    The The Ballot or the Bullet: Is Barack Obama Black Power - The African People's Socialist Party, will mark this African Liberation Day, May 25 with a forum unlike any other, in Washington D.C. Is B...

    Come to the event!
    Sunday, May 25th, 9-5pm
    Thurgood Marshall Center
    1816 12th St. North West
    Washington, DC

    Listen to LIVE coverage
    on UhuruRadio dot com or through your telephone at (515) 489-1670 in the U.S. or 0870 068 4407 in the UK.

    Symposium Guest Speakers Include:
    • Omali Ye****ela, Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party
    • Glen Ford, The Black Agenda Report
    • Chokwe Lumumba, New Afrikan People's Organization
    • Ajamu Sankofa, National Conference of Black Lawyers
    • Dr. Aisha Fields, Director of the All African People's Development and Empowerment Project
    • Ivory Sobukwe-SoDaye, President of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement
    The panelists at this African Liberation Day symposium will present opposing views on the significance of the Obama candidacy. They come from some of the most dynamic and active organizations that are tackling growing crises in African communities today, including poverty and malnutrition, denial of health care or quality education, police violence and unjust imprisonment.

    With less than half of African youth graduating from high school and one in nine African men of child bearing age in prison in America, African Liberation Day organizers are comparing today’s prison labor economy to the post-slavery convict leasing program where special laws were created to force Africans back into forced labor. They seek to expose the intentional steering of well-qualified African homebuyers into sub-prime loans, resulting in a devastating loss of wealth in African communities. Some say that a review of Obama’s backers, advisors and policies reveal an agenda that will deepen the oppression and suffering of African people on both sides of the Atlantic.

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