Chief Elder Osiris : African Leaders are leading Africans to extinction (Teach us how to fish)

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    African Leaders are leading Africans to extinction (Teach us how to fish)

    Hoteph Beloved Ogie:

    Brother, you are numbered among the few on these groups that send out the sincere Spirit of Energy when expressing your concern for Afrika and Afrikan people, it seem as if most of us are satisfied in critiquing Afrikans problems rather than coming up with a viable solution to the problem that have Afrika and Afrikans hog tied in such a way we are unable to Think about what is best needed for Afrikans in order for us to regain our Dignity which will prompt us to be willing to do what ever is necessary to regain control of Afrika and the Afrikan way of Living.

    Sure, as the saying goes but Time does not always bear it out, great Nations rise and Fall, but it does not mean that it be the same nation that fell that will rise again to experience the Civilization of its Nation predecessor, in order for that to happen, the once Great Nation must have the fortitude to rise again and regain the Status it has lost among themselves as well as in the world and such a rise is depended on the Way the Nation that fell, Thinks about itself.

    Beloved, many Time it is not that the fallen Nation has forgotten how to fish, the fact become that there are forces committed to keep that Nation from getting to the river to fish, which mean first things must be taken care of first and the first thing for Afrikans to do, is to do what ever is necessary to put themselves in a position to fish, meaning you must have the reel and rod, line and bait in your possession in order to be able to fish with authority in order to be able to catch the fish, which in term provide you with the necessary goods to feed yourself from the labor of your own hands.

    Beloved, all of those negatives you have outlined concerning the way Afrikans behave, such is the reason why Afrika and Afrikans are in the condition we are in today and it be those trifling attitude and behavior you so point out to us, about us, which is caused by those that have maneuvered the attitude and behavior of the Afrikans that cause us to act as we do, concerning ourselves and Afrika, which mean that the condition of Afrika and Afrikans people are that which has been so constructed by people committed to maintain the present status quo of Afrikans behavior toward Afrika and the Afrikan self, which prompt us to become experts in pointing out the Flaws of Afrikans people as we remain derelict in performing the duties necessary that will cause a fallen Nation to Rise.

    Such become the nature of cause, why Afrika and the Afrikan remain in our Static condition, with the encouragement and enforcement by those that have succeeded in having the Afrikan people to cease from Thinking about the nature of our problem and coming to a conclusion about what we must do to solve our problem, such Mind energy is prohibit to be used by Afrikans, as we labor under a mental behavior which is having us to believe everything we have acquired from the very people that are causing us to react to the Afrikan condition as we now do.

    Black people are reluctant to challenge the way we have been condition to believe about the cause and effect that have the Afrikan Life in a vice that demand submission to everything those other people have told us about ourselves and now control how we are to believe about what we Afrikans should do in order to save the Afrikan Nation and oh yes beloved, the Afrikan Nation is in need of being saved, not necessary from complete physical extinction but from Divine mental extinction and when the Mind we use to order our Life around is not the Mind that originally came with our Black body, then beloved, you begin to witness the Mental demise of the Afrikan Nation, why? because beloved, we are what we Think and when you have been made to not Think anymore, you place yourself in a mental position to believe any and everything those other people tell us, which serve as an anchor that keep the Divine Mind of the Afrikan from being able to counter- act all that the believing mind has been conditioned us to be the proper avenue to take, concerning the Afrikan condition, which mean that the criminals will not give you the proper solution to be able to solve the crime they have committed against you.

    So, what is it we must come to term with when seeking a Real solution to the present problems that now plague Afrika and Afrikan People, beloved, the Real solution lies within the heart of the Afrikan Nation, those that now experience the embarrassment, abuse, hunger, disease and disrespect in Afrikia, they are the True Revolutionaries that are laying in waiting for the likes of a brother Ogie, that is if you get my meaning here.

    Beloved there will be no magic portion to fall from the sky into the belly of the Afrikan mind that is going to save Afrika and the Afrikan People, such a magic portion you already carry and the problem is, we have been made not to know what it is or how to activate it, so we continue to pontificate and miscalculate about what is needed in order for the Afrikan Nation to rise again, as she once was before, a Nation that represented the supreme of Civilized Man.

    The greatest enemy that now face Afrika and the Afrikan is the absent of Unity and with a misguided notion that Afrika and the Afrikan can rise to a state of nobility by having a Human Being Mind that promote individuality , Tribalism, and a divided Afrika Continent.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder

    "ogie, ogie kings, kings" <[email protected]> wrote:

    Africa and its people will and can never be wipe off the earth as wish or fears Ozodi.
    Black people have been in existence from beginning and will be till the end of the world.
    The fact that wickedness rules the world does not mean it shall prevail over truth.
    What we are seeing in Africa is not new or uncommon to humanity. Every nation of the world has one time suffered set back, poverty, corruption, bad leadership e.t.c.
    The solution is neither to create fear or treaght to Africans but to pulse the move set our goals, purpose, vision, concept, ideology, philosophy right and place the spade where it belong. Human beings are like seed when placed on a good and fertile soil it grows. Give them knowledge, empowered them, support, provide a chance to life, comfort and exhibition of ability they will grow. Serving the people, society and country has to be objective as well. Justice could be better than just religious sentiment. The issue that Europeans are better than Africans varies and are comparing.
    ð Why are they easy to point terrorist to those that oppose their iniquities and we called them friends even we they treaghten to exterminate us?
    ð How do we expect Africa to develop when experts, educationist, professionals and PhDs holders are not making out research, strategies, exploration, formulas and ideologies to discoveries but sit in their high hills pointing fingers at native Africans as a challenge?
    ð How do we expect native professionals to combat foreign professionals when Africans professionals who have came to acquired knowledge has refuse to translate and diffuse their knowledge and intelligence to their various African societies? I believe in knowledge and education but has to be objective, constructive and purposeful
    ð How would it happen when we (African Professionals) have decided to live and die in the Whiteman’s land working and earning big pounce and dollars, sitting under religious contemptment forgetting we own a duty as Africans to defend, protect and establish its success, economically, politically, educationally and other wise in the light of the world.(since our reason of knowledge is to get a good job and earn big pounce, dollars and euros, knowledge as curiosity, research and discoveries may mean nothing to us)
    ð The failure here is not only those that rule but to those who knows and refuse to act and let know. Those that had the opportunity to know but refuse to know.
    I think what Ozodi should tell us more is how or what he is doing to make African, Nigeria, Owerri or Umuahia one of the best country to live in the world.
    Give us strategies, ideologies and fomulars on how we can call to order our various African societies
    Not enought telling us if we don´t eat we will die without giving us food or teach us how to get food to eat(which is better).
    “ The challenge is before you and me to fight for right and justice for Africa not to quote how bad”

    Bunmi Fasehun <[email protected]> wrote:
    My brother Ozodi, Nwanne, this is a very good essay, I enjoyed reading it, however, what you wrote are also my thoughts too... It is fine to write and point out what is wrong with Africa and her Children, but we as educators, what are we doing or what are we going to do to make changes in Africa especially Nigeria? Everyone has an opinion about Nigeria and so forth, but hiding behind a Computer and writing the ills of Africa will not solve the problem, we need to get out there and shout the word, that we need changes and very significant ones...
    Since, IBB declared he was running for the presidency, not one netter has challenged this man called Babangidda, and one wonders why, could it be they are afraid their Bread will not be Buttered? I personally believe that if anyone can make changes and fundamental ones, then it is me, as I stand for everything positive and I have love in me and I have the brains of a good leader... Think about it... Keep the essays coming, but my brother, we need more than essays, we need actions, perhaps we can start our own political group in Nigeria, and of course, I will be the leader, as I have leadership qualities which a lot of Nigerians do not have... Moreover, I am not a selfish person and I cannot watch people suffer...
    Anyhow happy Sunday to those reading this piece...

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    Ozodi Thomas Osuji

    As you look around black Africa, you cannot, in honesty, say that any country there is well governed. What you see in Africa is the reign of graft and corruption; you see politicians who seek public office for personal gain and who do nothing to benefit their people. The result is that Africans are sinking more and more into poverty.
    African leaders seem childish and not even the suffering of their people bothers them. Moreover, they have the infantile tendency to blame everything on other persons, particularly their whipping boy: the white man. They do not take responsibility for their activities but always blame other persons for their self evident inability to do anything right. They misgovern their countries and blame it on white persons. Apparently, their goal is to make white persons feel guilty for Africans poverty and suffering and come calling with monetary aid.
    Monetary aids from white persons promptly go into the pockets of African politicians and bureaucrats. Indeed, if you gave Africans money to help their people with HIV AIDS they would redirect that money into their own pockets and not help their people. They would rationalize their amoral behavior by saying that those with AIDS are going to die, anyhow, so why bother taking care of them?
    Africans are, perhaps, the world’s most unsympathetic human beings. They are cruel beyond belief. They actually disrespect white persons because they consider them fools, “mugu”, for being helpful to other people.
    Christianity, among other things, socialized Europeans to have compassion for the weak and to come to the rescue of those in need. Generally speaking, European Christians tend to devote their lives to helping the poor. Africans look at social serving white persons as fools. To them, apparently, the “rational” thing to do is to live only for ones self (and, perhaps, for ones expanded ego self, ones children) but never for other people.
    As a matter of fact, many Africans take advantage of Christian white persons’ tendency to care for their fellow human beings. Helpful persons (who, by the way, are mentally healthy persons; unhealthy persons tend to not help other people) tend to be trusting persons. (Unhealthy persons, say paranoids, tend to be untrusting, suspicious persons.)
    Generally, Africans tend not to trust other people and consider one foolish if one trusts other persons. In light of their lack of trust in people, they see trusting white Christians as idiots and deliberately set out to exploit them. Yesterday, December 1, 2006 we read of how a bunch of Nigerians at Houston, Texas set out to exploit those they called “Mugus” (trusting persons), screw the Medicaid and Medicare system to the tune of eight million dollars. Nigerians 419, credit card and social security number rackets…each predicated on exploiting trusting persons… are well known. (The ability to trust other people is indicative of mental healthy; the inability to trust other people is indicative of mental disorder, paranoia; it is sad that Africans see a sign of mental health, trusting, as weakness to be exploited. It is more than sad that they take a symptom of mental disorder, lack of trust in other people, as strength. Jesus Christ said: unless you are like a child that you would not enter the kingdom of heaven; this means that unless you trust like a child and love all persons you are not healthy hence peaceful and happy. It is pathetic that a people take illness and its attendant disturbance of peace and happiness as something to revel in.)
    Africans cruelty to one another and their tendency to criminal activities without corresponding self sacrificing behavior on behalf of other persons sometimes make you wonder whether they are human beings, at all.
    Could it be that these people are not human beings, as we understand that term to be? Could they be a different breed of animals that look like human beings?
    A human being is at his best when he loves himself and all people and sacrifices his ego life for his fellow human beings. Jesus Christ is an example of such love.
    I am yet to see an African who lives a life devoted to serving the needs of other human beings. What I see are those taking advantage of other human beings and, worse, do not seem to feel guilty and remorseful for their obvious antisocial behaviors. I see folks who cheat and become wealthy and present their narcissistic egos to other people to admire as ogas, big men. (And their people, who seem not to care how wealth was acquired, make them chiefs.) I see a morally contemptible and despicable people!

    World wide, some persons are beginning to ask whether Africans are capable of moral behaviors.
    I believe that if in fifty years (in mid century, 2050s) no African country has demonstrated the capacity to govern itself well, if African politicians remain crooks and if Africans remain very poor, the shame of mankind, some people would start advocating the eradication of Africans.
    I can see tough minded politicians arguing that Africans are sub-human beings and, as such, are unable to govern themselves and would always be poor and the white man would always have to support him. In which case, they argue that it would be better if all Africans are killed off. Kill them off, so that they do not have to be messing up, be poor and make people feel guilty for their perpetual suffering. What are they living for any way, just to steal?
    Out of pity for their suffering we help them but they waste our help and do not seem capable of helping themselves.
    The West already has the means to eradicate all Africans from the surface of the earth. They can lob a few of their nuclear weapons on Africa and get rid of all Africans. They would then resettle their surplus population in Africa.
    David Duke, an American racist, essentially made the above argument in one of his books. As he sees it, Africans are unable, and will forever be unable, to govern themselves and will always be poor. He believes that the best thing to do is wipe Africans off the surface of the world. He visualizes giving Africa’s territory to white persons or keeping it as game reserve. As in Adolf Hitler’s lebensraum foreign policy towards eastern Europeans, he advocates keeping some Africans alive and use them as slave labor until their labor is replaced by machines, at which point they, too, would be killed off.
    (Suppose some white persons tried this genocidal policy would Africans resist it? Would they finally recognize that life is worthless if not lived as free persons and, therefore, fight and die rather than live as slaves? In the Americas, they chose to live as slaves rather than fight and die fighting, as real men ought to do, if the alternative is slavery. Their history in the Americas where they tolerated slavery makes you wonder whether they would tolerate slavery in the hands of whites in Africa.)

    The idea of wiping off all Africans sounds far fetched but it is a possibility if Africans continue to mess up. Hitler and his Nazis tried such a policy and failed. This time around, if the world’s consensus is that Africans are shiftless and unable to fend for themselves, people probably would not prevent Africans from being killed.
    The moral dilemma that folks would grapple with is: why keep Africans alive if all they do is steal and be unable to govern themselves?
    Unsentimental reason would probably accept Africans been wiped off. Whites did wipe off blacks in Tasmania (Australia), so it is not like there is no precedence where a group of people have been wiped off the face of the earth.

    What is the point of this essay? The point is that time is running out for African leaders and for Africans in general. Unless Africans wake up and start behaving like human beings and care for their people, they would bring the death of all Africans. At present, one can assert that most African leaders are, at best, childish, do not care for their people and see public office as from which they enrich themselves at the expense of their people.
    Africans must begin seeing public office as opportunity to serve their peoples needs hence develop Africa. Africans must work to eradicate poverty in the continent. Failing to accomplish these goals they risk being wiped off by other groups and their lands taken over by such groups.
    Very few persons are now willing to listen to Africans eternal complaint of what other people did to contribute to Africa’s poverty. It is true that we live in a General System’s world and what every person does affects all other persons. Each of us affects each of us, for good or bad. Yes, the West affected us negatively (and positively, if I may add). Nevertheless, in the real world, folks take charge of their lives and do what they have to do for their survival. Real adults do not constantly harp on what other people did to contribute to their problems.
    People no longer want to hear about what they did to contribute to Africa’s apparent shiftlessness; what they want to hear is what Africans themselves are doing to improve their lives. They want to hear of outstanding leadership in Africa, not thievish leaders in Africa.
    Time has passed for talking about what other people did to Africa but for talking about what Africans do to help themselves. One is sick and tired of reading about what Europe did to under-develop Africa, what the Metropolis did to keep the Periphery backward. Asians, too, were part of the periphery but are doing what they have to do to extricate themselves from the economic and political strangle hood of the Western Metropolis. Indeed Asia is increasingly becoming the Metropolis, leaving Africa their periphery, supplying their economic engine with raw materials.
    Failing to turn things around in Africa, Africans risk been wiped off from the surface of this earth. And if they manage to get themselves wiped off, it would be their choice, for they had the opportunity to live to serve their peoples needs and, instead, chose to live to serve only their narcissistic egos. Those who live only for their personal egos die off; those who live for our collective self live eternally.

    *Part of my motivation for writing this essay is to shock Africans into doing what they have to do to survive. In doing so, I find it necessary to talk as if all Africans are the same and do the same thing. This is stereotyping Africans. In truth, Africans are individuals and there are probably some Africans that transcend their little selves and serve the larger social whole? I apologize to those Africans who realize that a well lived life is one dedicated to serving social interest and working for public good. If you dedicate your life to serving society, I salute you. But, if you live to serve your ego, I detest you. I hate most those who tell us what other people did to contribute to our miserable situation. I hate socialists and communists, for they tend to tell us that other persons are responsible for our intolerable situation. I appreciate those who tell us that we are responsible for our bed and make it as we wish to sleep on.

    Ozodi Thomas Osuji
    December 2, 2006