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    Aug 3, 2005
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    Wanted to let people know about a new book out that discusses African liberation and the theory of African Internationalism.

    The book is Omali Yesh*tela Speaks and here's a description:

    This new book by the Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party and leader of the Uhuru Movement is long-overdue. A collection of speeches, articles and interviews in many settings, it covers countless topics affecting African people and of interest to anyone looking for answers about the crisis of today's world. In a down-to-earth, easily understood style Yesh*tela lays out the most profound concepts of his ground breaking, revolutionary theory of African Internationalism which exposes why African people are impoverished and catching hell everywhere on the planet while the white world is powerful and prosperous. Yesh*tela's analysis from the "point of view of the slave" explains the nature of parasitic capitalism which is built on and maintained by slavery, genocide, colonialism and neo-colonialism. With his vision for a positive future, the Chairman lays out his bold plan to liberate Africa and African people everywhere.

    Online ordering and more information at, also (keyword: Omali)

    If anyone has seen or read the book already, would like to know your thoughts. I was going to post in the book club forum, but it didn't look too active recently.