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Jul 23, 2004

Isaiah said:

I will begin to present some of these pages more frequently... We need dialogue with our spanish-speaking brothers and sisters in the same way there is a need for dialogue with Continental Africans...


:hearthis: You do mean dialogue, not preaching, browbeating???? Almost everytime a latino comes on this site with a different viewpoint than the AA's they get shot down, and told that they must conform to your view,because theirs is wrong. :bowdown:

You need to understand that we have our own countries, cultures and do not have the same experiences that you do, nor want them! It's hard to be prejudiced when your older brother would be a white in harlem, and your younger brother would fit right in. We on our cedula(your social security card) have skin colors, blanco, indio, negro. Because of this we don't think in terms of the Mau Mau, or kill Whitey, as has be referenced on other threads by other people here. :fight:

Don't judge us all by what you see in USA. I for one will never understand why someone would pay $5000us ($157,000rd) for passage on a rowboat across the Mona passage to Puerto Rico, to provide more shark bait! They could have used that money better here! I think their eyes have been fooled by television, the streets of NYC, Miami, Boston are not paved with gold! :swim:

We have no problem when we cannot remember someones name saying rubio,flaco,moreno,negro, gordo. (blondie, skinnny,brown, black one, fatty). It's not disrepectfull, its normal, and the color of the person saying it or the color of the person being spoken to does not make any difference. Kind of like we use gringo, or el americano for any countries tourist. El americano, and gringo is also used for american negros, we don't call them african-americans. The term does not mean anything to us, they are americans. :happens:

gracis mi dos centavos (thanks my two cents)

now waiting for the :flame: , as this is the normal response to other viewpoints. And my friends that's not the definition of dialogue!


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Jul 23, 2004
you are correct

Sun Ship said:
bienamor, I see you know very little about African American social life, racialization in America or how African Americans deal with color. Where are you residing at this time? And how long have you ever lived in the U.S?


Brother Sun :cool:

Your correct I don't. know about there, but I do know about here in the Dominician Republic.

Don't read anywhere in my post where I asked or said anything about AA's social life, or racialization or how you deal with color. Did say about here. Did live there for a while as I was in the US Army. but only then.

what does that have to do with what I posted?? Is this part of the Dialogue? If your going to have dialogue with me you also have to understand the situation in other places, and that they may not be the same as yours.

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