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    Israel Makes African Hebrew Israelites Eligible For Citizenship

    A significant development took place earlier this week as Israel's Interior Ministry announced its decision to accept the eligibility for citizenship of the African Hebrew Israelite Community spiritually led by Rabbi Ben Ammi. Here is the Associated Press report of the decision followed by a historical narrative of the African Hebrew Israelites and their beliefs and experiences as written by themselves.
    Israel OKs status of 'Black Hebrews'
    (AP)-Israel's "Black Hebrews," a close-knit group of vegan polygamists who arrived in the country from the United States in 1969, are celebrating the government's announcement that they are finally eligible for citizenship in the Jewish state.
    In the desert town of Dimona in southern Israel, home to about 1,500 Black Hebrews, there was a feeling Monday that a 34-year history of statelessness was coming to an end with news of their permanent resident status.
    "There's going to be a lot of dancing, singing, shouting and eating," said former Chicagoan Adiv Ben-Yehuda. "It's the greatest day since the community arrived in Israel."
    Other members of the 2,500-strong group live in Arad and Mitzpeh Ramon, other towns in Israel's south.
    As permanent residents, members will be able to serve in the Israeli army and establish their own residential communities, an Interior Ministry statement said. Ministry spokeswoman Tova Ellinson said that under normal practice, permanent resident status would lead to full citizenship after an unspecified period of time.
    "We're ready to take on responsibilities and obligations as permanent members of the community," said Ben-Yehuda, 50, a former college basketball player with two wives and 12 children. His American drawl is undimmed after 30 years in Israel.
    The exodus from Chicago of the Black Hebrews - the self-styled African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem - is one of the stranger odysseys of the 1960s.
    About 350 black Americans left the United States in 1967 as followers of Ben Carter, a Chicago bus driver who changed his name to Ben Ammi Ben-Israel after receiving, he said, a visitation from the angel Gabriel informing him he was God's representative on Earth.
    Believing that African-Americans are one of the 10 lost tribes of Israel, Ben Ammi and his followers set out - first for Liberia in West Africa; then, their numbers diminished, for Israel in 1969...

    The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem "A Village of Peace "​
    Most of the time around the world, when men speak of the Kingdom of God, they do so metaphorically. It is only some mythical paradise located in outer space, where the problems which have plagued humanity, magically cease to exist.
    What's more, one could only reach this heaven after death. But in this land, Israel, Northeast Africa our perspective is different. Here the Biblical prophets, especially Isaiah and Daniel, taught us of this very real kingdom. The scriptures told us that it will be established in this land, at a time when larger nations dominate the global scene. This kingdom would
    start as a mustard seed, minute and obscure. Yet it will eventually grow, and never be destroyed.
    What does this mean to mankind now? That somewhere in this land, there is a body of people dedicated to the fulfillment of this order that the words inspired by the Holy One of Israel, will not fail. Moreover, it is clear that Israel must live out its prophetic purpose... to be a light unto humanity demonstrating the benefits of living according to the
    word of God. The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem are comprised of approximately 2,000 men, women and children residing in three development towns - - Dimona, Arad and Mitzpe Ramon - - in southern Israel. We maintain a vibrant culture which includes a communal lifestyle, a vegan diet, a system of preventive health care and high moral
    standards - - a holistic approach to life based on righteousness. Our intent is to live according to the laws and prophecies of God.
    Since our arrival in Dimona, in 1969, it has been our objective to be the foundation for the establishing of God's Kingdom on Earth. The accomplishments of the past years have only strengthened our faith in the words of the prophets. Perhaps it will be hard for many to conceive that the former African Americans would be the source of this inspiration, and readily leave the pleasures of the ultra-modern America for life in the desert wilderness. But it is true. It is time now to bear testimony to the infallible word of God.
    "Hearken unto me, ye that know righteousness, the people in whose heart is my law; fear not the reproach of men, neither be afraid of their revilings (insults)." Isaiah 51:7
    Although our presence (in previous years) raised opposition, controversy and much political clamor, we continue to nurture from within a lifestyle which is proving to be inspiring as well as refreshing to everyone in a world that has waxed cold.