Black People : African "Groklaw" equivalents on the net?

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by anAfrican, Apr 24, 2007.

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    Does anyone know of an African equivalent to PJ/Groklaw? PJ is a paralegal that runs a site called Groklaw for discussions relating to various legal related type stuff.

    Is there anything similar in the African Online Community anywhere?

    Wanting to run some stuff by African [para]legal beagles; mostly for info/thoughts, possibly for the purpose of developing a legal team, possibly as a start on a "citizens' revolution against the loss of liberties, rights and respects of citizens by big business/government". ("david vs goliath" "tilting at windmills" and "fighting city hall" is prolly more strenous, arguably more useful and better exercise that "jumping to conlusions", eh? "the impossible we do at once; the difficult we did yesterday".)

    I've got a thing going on now that, while the thing itself is rather straightforward from a "big business vs citizen" perspective, has a bunch of attendant issues that are relevant but can be brushed over by business, but which may very well be of the sort whereby ordinary citizens would get all up in arms over.

    (A "no reason" eviction that is going to absolutely ignore my deteriorating health and lack of resources which allows for my only method of compliance being to walk away from all my stuff or put together a train of shopping carts to take it with me. The major complication is that my efforts to deal with my health issues fast enough to deal with this has been compromised by "well, sure; that's important. but i want you to try this first.", followed by "i really think this procedure would give us a bit more information.", followed by "these results are a bit ambiguous; i think this other procedure would narrow things down.", when just tossing up the referral originally asked for would have allowed me to address the eviction bit 4 months ago. trouble is is that i don't think the judge is gonna much care for that fact as they push through the sheriff's eviction at the show cause hearing. as well, i have a question as to that "tobacco settlement" stuff: do the citizens that are/were actually damaged by "big tobacco" get any parts of all that settlement money .. which, as pointed out in a thread around here somewhere, were limited by government? getting a bit of that would help cover the needed treatments rather than the lesser stuff that the HMO is going to sign off on. [have already experienced exactly that; doctor says "this", HMO says "that is cheaper".])

    The astute amongst you might connect this with "The PMS: Attys at Law", and you'd be right! <grin>