Africa : African Food Exports vs. African Starvation

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    The only reason people in Africa are starving is because Africans do not control the vast majority of traditional prime and irrigated farmland as they once did before the White barbarian came and took control of that land for the very purpose of exporting food back to Europe and America (the prime export the US imported from Africa through their European colonial partners was the result of good African food, well raised healthy African slaves).

    If Africans want to raise their standard of living they must seize the land where food is grown for export by the white controlled multinational agribusiness conglomerates and simply internalize those food stocks until everyone in Africa is guaranteed to eat well for the rest of their lives. If after that is accomplished and there's room for exports so be it, but not until then.

    As a part of land reform African nations must stop thinking in the western nationalistic format and go back to tribal thinking and simply redraw African borders to recreate tribal homelands in order to reduce tribal conflict over nationalistic power. The tribal system is not perfect however it is a great deal better than the nationalistic system and borders the put in place for the purposes of dividing and conquering tribal thinking.
    I have my own opinions on this article as well as what to do with the food production,what are yours?