Africa : African filmmakers tackle gender-based violence

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    African filmmakers tackle gender-based violence

    Makiko Kitamura | Dakar, Senegal

    "I didn't know it was wrong to beat my wife," says a man featured in the documentary Women Wake Up, one of the films that won a prize on Thursday in Senegal at the first pan-African film festival promoting public awareness of gender-based violence.

    Directed by Ugandan filmmaker Caroline Kanya, the documentary tells the story of a woman who left her abusive husband to start up an NGO in Tanzania to help both female and male victims of violence.

    "People think domestic violence is just a part of the culture, that it's not really a problem," Kanya said, explaining why she made the film.

    "Some women even think [of their husbands], 'If you don't beat me, you don't love me,'" said Jane Murago Munene from Kenya, who directed another prize-winning feature film, Behind Closed Doors, about a middle-class family suffering from domestic violence.

    Munene and Kanya agreed that there is also a misconception that violence toward women only occurs among the poor and uneducated.

    "It happens at all levels of society," said Munene, who added that most of the phone-call responses, all positive, after her film aired on Kenyan private television were from men.

    The film festival, which kicked off on Thursday in Dakar, was sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund, the Senegalese government and local NGOs.

    It also coincides with November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

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    Looks like all things have been tried. Education, religion, money and the problem REMAINS.

    Same with calling women all kinds of degrading names. Despite the education, religious authority, money, etc the problem REMAINS.

    I am having faith that the Creator will have to intervene and settle this matter ultimately from all SIDES.