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    i live in TushKauLoosa Ali Baba or Tuscaloosa, Ala
    Whatever title you give yourself. You will find that it comes from a geographical location or place. And that placer is usually named after charactersor characteristics of the land and/or people. Hence Kemet (Land of the Blacks) Kem=Kham=Ham=Black Et=Of. As love and war expanded and divided the land of old, diversification had to come about. This love thing got taken advantage of and manipulated and used to befriend the more compassionate tribes of people. The wars broke out and this made way for rulerships and dynasties. So, lands must have become divided by practices and policies much like today. It is no longer a matter of how you look or who your bloodline is. It is now all about policies and war. War makes peace. Without people warring, you would have peaceful groups of people who are outcasted, chastised, and/or ostracized from war-inflicted areas.

    Noone knows war like U.S. We are inflicted by sudden acts of terror, Hate crimes, climatic disasters and orchestrated epidemics (i.e Tuskegee Airmen experiment). Other countries are older have been inhabited for much longer and experience similar violence and strife. As America grows and expands due to new laws and policies, we are now experiencing war which will create more powerful dynasties that will go down in history books. Egypt was written to have the same expansion and inflation experience. Along with religious indoctrination in the name of love, war came and divided Africa's people who usually divided in search for new land, gold, spices, and more. Now, North Africa is mainly of Islamic faith. South Africa is divided between traditional beleif systems like Yoruba and other world-wide faiths like Christianity. It would make one wonder if Egyptians of today consider themselves the "New Africans". If you do some research, you will find that philosophers and explorers alike went to the land of the blacks to learn and trade and dance and bathe. Yes, bathe.

    From then to now what remains are the stories of profound blacks in Africa who went North to Egypt and civilized the area. Some people remain blind to the fact that South Africa housed all of the mysteries. Egypt became a retreat and then a trap. Scientific researchers have found out that the cradle of civilization was around Ethiopia near the two Niles. Since that was the cradle, wouldn't there be some sort of knowledge there? There are more pyramids in South Africa than in Egypt, reportedly. So, why is Egypt not pushed in America? Is it because once you get into Egyptology, you will find out that those teachings originated further south. You will then find out that you have been robbed but, your treasure remains in Africa. Then you will find out that your treasure comes with much hardwork and persistence. Then you will find out that some people hate you for finding that treasure and wish to outcast, ostracize, and chastise you for knowing what your treasure is and where it lies. Then they will find out that you want to be outcasted, and you don't mind being chastised and you don't even know or care what ostracized means. Why? because you are an african egyptian in America with Christians. A beautiful flower that doesn't acknowledge its roots will wither and die from a lack of knowing.