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Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
Have any of you have done African Dance? I've taken one African Dance class at a junior college and loved it. Also does anyone have any resources on the symbolism of different dances? I live in Cali, but want to know does anyone know of any reputable places that are organizations or anything, reputable groups?

Thanks, Fam

Desert Storm
Oh, coo Jazzy... I guess I'll have to go visit Houston. I have a cousin from San Francisco that moved to Houston about a few years ago. A lot of the family that we've had live in Texas have passed away. There are a few stragglers.

Miss Lady, I will do that. I have taken "social dance" in the junior college, and that was fun. We learned waltz, fox trot, rhumba, salsa. I have a hard to time, "following the leader" so that's why I took that class.

Thanks guys.



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