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Would we benefit from teaching our own children?

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May 7, 2009
Hello new to the group! As an educator, in the classroom and at home, I have noticed the lack of representational material for all types of students. I see first hand the discouragement and obstacles it can cause in a young learner. I have chosen to fight the under-representation of children of color in the education system by providing parents and educators an online platform that promotes and sells relatable education materials. My goal is to have our black community creating and sharing their own curriculum and teaching our own children. In the process of launching our online marketplace. My ig @nu_school_supplies website
Greetings, my kids are young adults now, but I like what you are starting and wish you much success.
I too was a teacher for a brief time in the classroom and at home. I taught 7th Grade Science and Math in public schools and in a Black Afro Centered Charter School and I was a tutor. As you have said, there was a lack of representationsl material in the home school network so, I left off from it. However, my kids achieved because I tutored them and put them in their early years in classroom settings where there were a high percentage of teachers and students in their culture. But when they got older, the material and teacher ability dropped off severely in our culture. So, I think what you are doing is great.
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