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Aug 16, 2007
Muskegon, MI
Helping People
Hello my sis Destee,
My name is Sam Bateman-Disciplineman
I would like to share with you our organization's revolutionary new program to see if we can partner together to have an even greater impact on the Black Community.

I'm with an organization called: African-Americans for Success, Achievement and Prosperity (AASAP). Please turn your speakers on and visit our incredible audio website:

I invite you to join our AASAP team for free. Reply with any questions and/or your thoughts on our positive new Black Owned Business.

Have a very blessed day.

Sam Bateman
Team Leader
Brother DisciplineMan ... Hello and Welcome ... :wave:

I appreciate the invitation to join. I have registered, using the link you provided above, but am not real sure what exactly the organization is. It seems to be some sort of multi-level marketing venture?

Would you or the founder be interested in hosting a class here at destee, telling us more about your business? We have our own voice video chat room, where this can be done. I see it was founded September, 2007, so it's pretty new, and the exposure could be good for it.

You're more than welcome to do this ... just let me know.

Thanks for joining us, and sharing.

Much Love and Peace.



ps ... i made this a separate thread, so it doesn't get lost in the other.
Hosting a class

Hello Sister Destee,
I do appreciate the offer to host a class here at destee and I have contacted Brother Brown the CEO and founder of AASAP and is waiting to hear from him,

But I think this will really help you to understand

Thanks for joining us,
Much Love and Peace.
Sister Destee

Bro. Sam-Disciplineman


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