Black Women : African American Women and Politics

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    Read the rest of the story at the link below.

    Sisters, we've been having a lot of good debate recently in various threads, about the importance of Black people voting versus some who are choosing not to vote for a number of reasons but primarily because some people are disillusioned as to the integrity of the system.

    Daughters of Africa (I like that description), given the nature of the above quote, what are your thoughts about African Americans and the ballot. Do you feel it's important that we vote, no matter what, or do you think it will be a waste of time? If you are part of a couple, do you think it's important that you and your significant other support the same political party and candidate? Do you think that politics can divide a home?

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    I don't feel the right to vote (or not) should be based on gender or race or any type of separation for that matter as long as we all live in a country that includes mulitple ethnic backgrounds. I am a product of this country therefor I should be allowed to vote and I exercise that right. I read the following quote/clip from this website and it serves as a reminder of WHY I WANT to vote each year. I will admit that there have been many times where I've felt like my vote was a waste of time, but I've voted every single time I've been given an opportunity.
    Here is the quote and the link

    Some progress has been made since 1940. It has been due almost entirely to pressure by the Negroes themselves, and it has strengthened their determination to continue the fight. The Supreme Court decision in the case of Smith v. Allbright has opened the Texas and Arkansas ballot boxes to Negroes in primary and general elections and has promised an end of disfranchisement throughout the South within two years. It has enormously stimulated political consciousness and a sense of political power among Negroes in seventeen Northern and border states which together have 280 electoral votes. If Negroes vote en bloc they can determine the choice of President and Vice-president, Senators and Representatives, in almost 150 Congressional districts.
    Against terrible odds, in the face of the prejudices of many employers and even of some unions, the Negro has battled his way into industry.

    Article from 1944

    Negro vote

    Then I think of the black people in the past who voted while guns were held to their heads, forcing them to vote for one party or another or NOT AT ALL. So I guess I vote with pride, no matter how silly that may sound to some today.
    Vote or Die?

    I'm not a "couple" I'm not sure if voting for the same candidates is a big deal...but I could see being loyal to one party or another as a problem. I really don't fully support Democrats or Republicans, I've always voted based on the individuals running (especially state/city elections).

    No I dont think that is possible.
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    Black people vote for hope

    A message to the Daughters of Africa,

    Should we make love to another no matter how it feels?
    Should we eat food no matter how it taste?
    Should we speak words regardless of what they mean?

    Lastly, should we vote regardless of the outcome and our people’s benefit?

    We are treated like a desperate people, who will respond to the bequest of power (the government), no matter how we are treated.
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    I fully admit that a lot of what I do in my day to day life is out what I feel to be responsibility. I feel responsible to those who came before me and at times gave their lives to make the world better for me. I see voting as a responsibility and I definitely exercise that right in each election. It's sad that I can't go to the polls in the next few weeks and have a strong love/all out support/faith in the candidate I will vote for, but I do feel strongly enough about not wanting one of the candidates.

    I will vote though because I think that by not voting and not making a choice is in itself making a choice. It says that you don't really care about what happens, and our lives are definitely effected one way or another by those who hold the title of Commander in Chief. Women have the power to change the world and making our voices heard through the political process is surely one way of doing just that.