Black People Politics : African-American pastors plan boycott of Emanuel MLK breakfast

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    Bishop Larry Trotter and other prominent African-American religious leaders plan to boycott Mayor Rahm Emanuel's annual Martin Luther King, Jr. prayer breakfast Friday.

    A handful of prominent African-American religious leaders say they plan to boycott Mayor Rahm Emanuel's annual Martin Luther King Jr. prayer breakfast Friday, the latest display of public dissatisfaction from black pastors in the wake of a police corruption scandal that has enveloped the administration the last two months.

    In addition, the influential Rev.
    Michael Pfleger, long an anti-violence activist as the head of St. Sabina Catholic Church in the Auburn Gresham community, said he would not attend Emanuel's breakfast. Pfleger, though, did not criticize the mayor in announcing his absence, instead taking the position that the breakfast does not represent the values for which King fought.

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