Black Parenting : African-american Families In The New Millennium


Aug 28, 2015
Historical and cultural influences, racism, urbanization, migration, discrimination, segregation, and immigration have profoundly shaped contemporary African-American family functioning. The new millennium brings with it striking differences in contemporary African-American functioning families and those of the past. These differences are specifically marked by the timing of family formation and stability of marriages, the flexibility of its gender roles, patterns of paternal involvement in child care, the fluidity of household composition, and the cultural resources the family has available to cope with adversity.

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Feb 9, 2001
I want to add to the list of reasons given to explain the change in AA families. I don't offer this as a fact, but I think that the introduction of the birth control pill in the 1960s was the precursor to the change in the psyche of AA's and their family structure. The sudden "freedom" to have sex without worrying about a possible unwanted pregnancy, literally liberated women from the burden of always having to determine when and with whom to have sex. The birth control pill was perceived as a game changer. More than 50 years have passed, which is a long time for a family structure to be in disarray and unstable. Now we see the affects of the sexual revolution hasn't been all positive or without life-threatening risks. Fewer marriages (and I don't support the idea that's because there are fewer single men to marry), more divorces, increased health issues including cancer and sterility, increase in STDs and with our public water systems being polluted from estrogen deposits, a higher health risk to all of us.

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