African American History Culture : African American Deuteronomy vs. Black Autonomy


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Mar 30, 2016
An atom has a nucleus/proton/electron and neutron. When an atom moves from here to there, the streak or the pathway between where it was and where it now is, is called 'deuterium'. The pathway condenses, solidifies into an atom (i.e. isotope); which is made up of the chemical imprint of the atom but not the radioactive imprint of the atom. It, the deuterium has everything the atom has, except an electron. Its own source of light. yet, the deuterium atom has a proton, and a neutron and of course a nucleus. In fact, deuterium has this anatomy as close to 'absolute identical' to the atom it came from as possible. The same way a child is almost absolute identical to its parents. One could say, that deuterium is the offspring of an atom. However it lacks its own electron.
The proton generates flesh tissue
The neutron generates nerve tissue
The electron generates light tissue
All out sourced from the nucleus of the atom.
The deuteron has all of this except the electron.
I have two favorite words of The Holy Bible. The word DEUTERONOMY is my second favorite word. Literally, it means the study of (onomy) the deuteron.
However its meaning as Taught by The Creator of The Atom is quite different.
The Hebrew language came into existence through the hand of The Prophet Moses (SAW). This language was used to pen AT-Tawraah, translated to 'Torah' in English. That which The most High revealed to Moses, was written in a Script that is named "Ibraani" In English and all European languages it is called "Hebrew". To say the word correctly is to say " Ibraani ". The word " ibraani' was first used by The Creator. It is/was used in The first sentence spoken by The Most High, recorded in The Book of Genesis chapter 1 verse 3. " And God said, let There Be Light ". This is a gross mistranslation. The correct translation reads " I call The Light Unfold It To There ".
The verse teaches us that The Most High did not create light in this statement. The Most High created a place called " There". Light was already in existence as one of The Most High's Attributes.
The word 'Unfold' is the verb "ibraani", which is where the word 'Hebrew' comes from.
Here is The sentence of Genesis chapter 1 verse 3. using English letters for the sound of our (i.e. Adam and Eve and their children) original language:
Ad'Ann - I Call
An Nuru - The Light
Ibraahu - It Unfold
Ila - To
Hunaalika - There
The trail from The Presence/Essence of The Most High to "there" is called deuterium. Therefore, all atoms that move from their original place to another place is called deuterium. Because European and Western scholarship denies the knowledge and existence of The Most High, they call this atomical activity chaos and chaos theory.
A deuteron is an atom which comes from the main atom. It has all of the parts of the main atom except an electron. The deuteron can only exist and thrive as long as it orbits inside the proximity of the nucleus of the Atom it came from. Think of a tether ball court. The pole is the atom and the ball is the deuteron. The rope is the electron which emanates from the pole. If the ball comes away from the rope it fails to thrive, though it may exist. Ever try and bounce a tether ball? There is a hook on its top which prevents it from being handled like any other ball. So it is no good for bouncing. It was not designed for bouncing.
The Book of Deuteronomy is the life syllabus for The Folk chosen by The Most High to represent The Power, LIGHT, of The Most High on this court, called earth. History recorded by our own hand and history recorded by European/Western scholarship shows how miserably we, Black people now called African American, have failed. So much so, that we do not wish to be called by any name that would reference us as belonging to Our Creator. Least of all, plain old
" Black". We do not wish to be called by any name that would remind us of who we are to The Creator. So we fought each other and begged other races to call us " "African American" . We begged for the legislation; the record of it is with the NAACP. Our generations before us have all but spat on the covenants and promises established with The Most High. Even before The birth and life of The Messiah Jesus, we wiggled out of our way of life fostered by The Prophets and Messengers. Even David, Our Prophet and King warned us, scolded us and attempted to guide us to guide those to come in generations of future. Now we play at religion and have relaxed into a continuous whine to our oppressors... while we secretly want to practice their way of life, better than they. We want their money, their personalities and mannerisms. We study History to furnish our conversations with each other. Our music and our prose reflects nothing but degradation. Everything is used for its market value. Marriage has been reduced to a business deal; as well as divorce. This is our Black Autonomy, as African Americans.
I propose a brain washing. The only detergent for the brain is Speech. A fresh language. The language that we traded and gave up for our oppressors language. A language that can invite and house The Speech of The Most High while at the same time showing up the Reality we truly live in for what it is.
So as not to be long, I suspend this essay as part I. Please point out and forgive any typos. I take correction on any point. To all African American/Black people be peace. May The Most High love us all... As HE Loved His servant David. There was not a Prophet before or After David that did not envy The Love The Most High had for David or The Love David had for The Most High. The first Love letters on earth were written to To The Most High by David. They are located in The largest chapter in The Bible, The book of Psalms only chapter 119. Chapter 119 only, were the first letters of love written by The Prophet David to The Most High. By letters, I do not mean a group of verses/ paragraphs. I mean to tell you that each alphabet of each word HAS A MEANING. Present day Preachers have failed miserably at the explanation of this scripture. Seminaries no nothing. Using it only to justify their own evils by citing the life and times of The Prophet/King David. May The Most High forgive us our slanderous outlook(s) and giving audience to such things. May we be allowed to re-learn how to love ourselves as we were taught; as we ought. To all be peace.


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Aug 21, 2012
The Most High love us all... As HE Loved His servant David.

But in the other room you opened, you told me this about assigning a gender to "The Most High." You said:

Due to the fragility of language and our ability to process pure thought we assign pronouns like HE or SHE to The Most High when we speak and consider within our minds. However, The Most High carries no pronouns as Names or Attributes. This is difficult to ascertain in the English language and its mechanics prevent us from seeing into thought. We are crippled by the language we use and think in

So you're apparently partial, like many others, comfortable in assigning the God-concept to a male persona. Wrong. A male "Most High" is a new-age idea.

There never was a male god.


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Mar 30, 2016
The language of Scripture does not use pronouns for The Most High. The language of people, English, does. I do not think that Allaah is male, nor female but Creator of both. In the heat and cant of writing I may slip and refer to Allaah as HE. But this is evidence of my weak intellect and inability to process thought and write at the same time; and write in the language that best describes Allaah. English assigns gender to The Most High. Aramaic, Arabic nor Hebrew does such a thing. Assigning gender to the Most High is a European/Western concept. I was raised in The United States of America and in English. Yet in learning the languages afore mentioned I see how religious scholarship has swerved from the truth of the matter. Words such as HE, She or IT are not attributable to Allaah. But the deficit in our language, the language we are communicating in now, does. There is nothing sacred about English, it was designed to create its own atmosphere in the mind to house its own intellect. So please, if you think that I am saying or thinking that Allaah is a man, No. Nor do I think that Allaah is a woman. I think that Allaah is as Allaah states that Allaah is according to The Names and Attributes that none other can carry.


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Mar 30, 2016
But why if Allah has no gender?
In English, the word 'he' is used as a non gender pronoun. Just as in English cars and boats are referred to as 'she'. " she really runs well". This is the mechanics of the English language/culture and how it is/was taught. This is why I say I may slip. I say slip, because if we were speaking in Aramaic or Arabic your concern would be moot and Allaah wouldn't have to be referred to by pronouns but By The Names that are scribed in Scripture.. It is only in English, American educated people, that this problem exists. To assign genitalia to The Creator is the human attempt at personalizing The Most High for ones' own self esteem. People want The Power of The Most High to exercise on/against other people; but those same people do not want The Guidance of The Most High. So men use "he' and women insist on changing that to 'she'. Both are in deep error. For The Most High says clearly in Scripture "DO NOT STRIKE EXAMPLES FOR ALLAAH. IT IS ALLAH THAT KNOWS AND YOU DO NOT KNOW".
One of the 'things that made the message of The Messiah Jesus so wonderful, is that Allaah caused him to be born with knowledge and memory of who and where he was before he was placed in Mary's womb. So his understanding of reality threatened those who lived as though they knew things about Allaah and existence. The less we know about Allaah, the more susceptible we are to men and women's opinions and outlooks and sermons.
I see that your radar is on for that blip in language. I'll check it until it doesn't exist within my thinking and most certainly will deride it from whatsoever I write. Do you detect any other flaws that can be pointed out? If you do please mention them to me. it will make what I write and intend to explain unapproachable. For I intend to outright destroy any concept that cannot be traced to The Knowledge of The Most High, WHO has sent Scripture for our Guidance, Correction and Refuge. Black people, in the united states have been hurt really, really bad and according to my own observation the true wounds and the true injuries HAVE NOT been properly addressed. What HAS been addressed so far has been reduced to its marketability. Our History as been economized and used for monetary gain. We are Moors, we are Christians, we are Muslims, we are conscious community, we are African American, we are thugs, we are school nerds, we are entertainers, we are athletes, we are wanna be White people, Indian people, we are wanna be accepted republican/democrats..etc.. each community rejoicing in what they have assigned to themselves and hateful and vengeful toward others.
we are whatever DOES NOT unify us with each other, no matter what. We are so differentiated, we don't even agree on a common enemy, a common history, a common knowledge.
What we do have in common is OUR ABJECT IGNORANCE OF AND DISRESPECT OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURE. We take books over Scripture all day everyday. If a man or woman wrote it, we take it or argue it. Scripture? Who gives a dam. The difference between a Scripture and a book, is the same difference between a number and a numeral, a letter and an alphabet.
Whenever The Most High has sent a message to us, it was sent with its own alphabet and a messenger was chosen to 'scribe'. Not write. One writes from their own body of accumulated knowledge. A scribe is chosen to write what they are told by Allaah, in The case of The Prophet Moses; or by an Angel sent by Allaah in the case of all other messengers. Look at the "book" of Revelations chapter 1 verse 1. It is not a book, and in the original language the word Scripture is used, not the word for book.
A scribe draws on paper what they are told, instructed. And they are first given an alphabet. An alphabet is a unit of knowledge (sound with meaning); when it is written it is now a letter. In the brain, it is an alpha-beta... written, it is now a 'letter'. The word alphabeta is meant to de-scribe the nature of 'thought' and the electronic current it moves on within brain/nerve tissue. Electricity is light in motion. Electronic is light with information ON/IN it.
Perfection... they have hurt us. and it hurts to even think of it, how serious it is because truly, not many even give a ****. To you be peace.

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