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    Trial set for suit on African American achievement in Lower Merion

    By Dan Hardy

    Inquirer Staff Writer, Posted Jan. 4, 2011

    A lawsuit filed more than three years ago by several Lower Merion School District students and parents contending that some African American children were improperly classified as special education students or placed in "low-expectation" courses has been scheduled for trial.

    The trial is to begin on Nov. 1, barring a settlement. Mediation efforts went on over much of last year but ended in December with no agreement.

    The Lower Merion district, in a statement released Monday by spokesman Douglas Young, said it had "acknowledged . . . historical concerns surrounding minority achievement and supports." So, "the district has aggressively sought to take a leadership role in the effort to address minority achievement in the areas of educational programming, hiring, community engagement, and staff development," it said.

    Continued litigation, the statement said, is not the way to achieve the plaintiffs' - and the district's - "goal of ensuring that every student is achieving."

    The lawsuit, Blunt et al v. Lower Merion School District, was filed in July 2007 seeking class action on behalf of "all present and future African American students" in the district who, "because of defendants' acts and omissions . . . are denied access to the general education curriculum; are placed in below-grade-level classes; receive a modified curriculum; and/or are sent to separate, segregated schools which provides them with an education inferior to that provided their Caucasian peers."

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    Doctors outside of the US have acknowledged that in the US, Black children are disproportionately medicated, placed in special education courses, and derailed from the path of excellence.

    Most Black families I know have children who are on medication or in "special classes". The US in particular has done this systematically and outside of the US, in the medical field, this is acknowledged.

    It's only in the US that a blind eye is turned to this and many parents are complicit.