Black Short Stories : African-American author wins Man Booker prize 2016

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    African-American author, Paul Beatty has become the first American to win the Man Booker Prize with his satirical novel, The Sellout.

    The winner of the award – which accolades literature which is worthy of ‘recognition, reward and readership’ – was announced in London on 25 October. Beatty was overwhelmed and surprised by the win, declaring that prior to the win he hadn’t had ‘a ton of recognition’ but ‘had a ton of respect’. This was a gratifying moment for Beatty who affirmed that writing had ‘given’ him ‘a new life’.

    Not only has the award given the author ‘new life’ but it has given his readers, supporters and industry new inspiration. Beatty is the first American in the 48-year history of the award to win the prize.

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