Chief Elder Osiris : African American Arrogance Toward Africans Condition

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    Hoteph My Beloved Brother Runoko:

    My brother first let me say that I admire and respect you for the dedication
    you show toward revealing to the African, information about ourselves
    through travel, an experience which is immeasurable and not to be compared
    in the effort to educate.

    Now let me address your last experience, which I am sure was not the first
    and most surly will not be the last, in term of conditional Africa

    My dear brother when traveling with a group, without the benefit of close
    screening and scrutiny, there is no way of determining what type of behavior
    and attitude explosion you will encounter in certain circumstance.

    As you know my dear brother, the heavy abundance of melanin we might carry
    does not always reflect the ideal character and behavior of an African and
    being African require more than the skin deep badge we reflect.

    A True African of today must have gone through a self- Reformation, thus
    qualifying us to become armed with the knowledge of our Black African self,
    which in term will reload us with the mental capability to know of our True
    past without interference from western and Arabic educational conditioning.

    My brother when such a Soulful ( thoughtful )and Spiritual ( ethereal
    feeling generating a balance and harmonic behavioral attitude toward and
    about our Black Selves ) transformation take place within us, only then will
    you be able to get the attitude and behavior from us that will not embarrass
    you when encountered with trying conditions of our Brothers and Sisters
    living in such a controlled abusive environment.

    First of all my brother the behavior and attitude you so reveal happening
    among some of your traveling guest, is an insult to you and more so to our
    Ancient African Ancestors, not to mention the Sisters and Brothers who are
    immediately experiencing such ignorant and foolish behavior.

    No my brother it is not an air of arrogance and uppity that some of us
    express at the first sign of discomfort, while being in an African
    environment that is also abusive and oppressive but is on a more revealing
    level than our own, it is totally ignorance.

    Such a level has the tendency to cause some of us to feel as if we are in a
    superior condition than our Sisters and Brothers in Africa and even places
    in the Diaspora and as you know even right here in america communities, such
    my brother is the evil of prejudice perception, which enslave the mind of
    some African people and the horror of it is, we see it as being normal, how
    we express our dissatisfaction at conditions that happen not to have the
    shield that our own condition has.

    As you know, freedom, independence and Justice does not come in degrees,
    either we are or we are not and I have yet to see an African to have
    anything to boast about in those regards, which mean, in reality we are all
    suffering from the same malady, it just has been made to approach us in
    different ways, creating environments that reflect the illusion of our real
    condition as well as the true condition of our environment, which give cause
    for one to turn up the nose at the other, not realizing that we all are in
    the same pot of oppression.

    Continue your good work my dear brother.

    It Is Time Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation

    Chief Elder
    African Spiritualist
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - African Inter'National Movement