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Jan 22, 2001
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Africa Waiting for Internet Revolution


Fewer than four out of 100 Africans currently use the internet, and broadband penetration is below 1%.

The barriers to broadband access are key talking points at the Connect Africa meeting in Kigali, in Rwanda.

Dr Hamadoun Toure, head of the International Telecommunication Union has called for "immediate action".

Dr Toure said that despite the bleak picture of access issues in Africa there was plenty of opportunity.

He told the BBC News website: "If you have just 1% of broadband access today you have 99% of opportunity.

"The good news is that Africa has had the highest growth in mobile use globally - twice the global average over the past three years.

"For the first time economic indicators are positive from Africa."

But he said Africa should not be looking for special treatment from the technology private sector.

"Africa has to create the opportunities; Africa doesn't need charity," he said.

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Peace and Blessings Family,

I was thinking about this, how so few in Africa have Internet access, yet when it comes to scams on the net, they are absolutely known for being out here, taking advantage of folk. So much so, that Dateline MSNBC aired a sting operation on them recently.

How can those who have less access than any in the world, dominate the negative scam stuff all over the net?

Isn't there something wrong with this picture?


I watched the dateline show on the African internet scammers also. Most of these are Nigerians. They operate both in Nigeria and Europe for the most part. Law enforcement has put out several alerts on Nigerian internet scrammers, including females looking to marry Americans. Some claim to be something other than Nigerians. Unfortunately, Nigeria has a bad reputation for creating all kinds of corruption, including drug smuggling. Some people think of Africa as Nigeria, which is only one of over fifty countries on the continent


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