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Jan 22, 2011

I have heard that history belongs to the victors. This may be true but only on a small time scale. Truth finally catches up. Hippocrates, the Greek physician, is considered to be the father of medicine. This falsehood persists worldwide in spite of growing evidence to the contrary. If medicine does have a parent, it is East Africa. In 2009, I published an article in the Townsend Letter entitled "The Eastern Track of Medicine: From East Africa to South India—and Beyond" to put forth my hypothesis concerning the African origin of the earlier healing traditions.
European and African historians agree that the knowledge of healing traditions traveled north from the Nubian and Egyptian regions to Greece-the "Northern Track" seems an appropriate designation for it-and then to the rest of Europe. I hypothesize that there was also an "Eastern Track"-from east Africa to south India, the Far East, and on to China-of greater significance in the spread of those traditions from the pre-Nubian and Nubian civilizations. The Eastern Track hypothesis offers the tantalizing possibility of integrating the ancient Indian and Chinese advances with the African enlightened philosophy and practice of medicine. [/URL]


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Aug 18, 2013
No doubt Africa is the mother of medicine going back all the way to Mama Wata and the extensive healing that African women priestess performed at Isis ancient temples, along with some male priests whom were fiercely loyal to the matriarch before its collapse and decline around 6000 years ago. However it's gets better with the emergence of Thoth, Tehuti, or as Dr. Gerald Masssey in his book, "The Old Darkland", translated by Dr. Charles Finch, Tehuti was a group of priests who wore white linen robes and where reputed to be healers, astronomers, priests and scientists. Tehuti became Obatala's sect as Obatala is the Priest of the White cloth and his devotees are known to wear all white., you can find them in Ile Ife. The Ooni of Ile Ife is a member this sect. Imhotep, the father of medicine, his oath is still taken by doctors all over the world and he was the first to do important surgeries, his ideas on health are brilliant.

In Ifa the Orisha that is responsible for healing is Osain. Osain is the Orisha of herbs, roots and medicine to diseases and illineses. Osain is said to be a friend of Sango as Sango took up for Osain when the people saw his wretched diseased condition and shunned him. Sango took him as a friend and Osain's kingdom is in Benin at the holy humanitarian city of Ketu.

It has been my vision to resurrect the healing traditions to combat many diseases that are killing Africans. So many Africans are dying over disease and that affects human productivity. If we could limit the amount of Africans that are dying from disease and extend their lives we could improve the productivity of the region. Target objectives would be for a clinic supported by nurse healers and ran by women. Women seem to make the best healers and doctors aren't really that important in African medicine where the patient takes part in their own healing. But Nursing is a necessary science and nursing is in high demand because nurses help patients to recover after treatment. My thoughts are a support infrastructure for these nursing staffs, with Iya and Babalowas, Imans and Pastors console patients while undergoing treatment at the facility. Also a support staff that would keep the place clean, maintained, sterile and run the operations. An extensive herb and root garden grown nearby and low cost effective treatment for women bringing their children and husbands.

We can change our future if we do it. Such projects need treasury and institution to bring them to fruition.
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Sep 27, 2005
Good Article!

IMHO, history belongs to (s)he who grabs the truth out of the clutches of the plagarizing victors. The true cornerstone of all practical knowledge, wisdom and understanding spurned from the Northeast corner of Afraka --all others are weak copies and imittors at best; as ---what was chiseled in stone cannot be erased nor blown away.

Long after you and eye has left this existence the secrets of Afraka's magnificient healing properties and abilities will continue to surface and unfold. No man-made disease can prevent this reality from coming into fruition.

The usurption of SHE began with HE and thus spread worldwide ---while will always remain HERs now that the truth is known...


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