Black Poetry : Africa For The Africans-Halt! America ! King god Marcus Gravey

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    Africa For The Africans

    Say! Africa for the Africans,
    Like America for the Americans:
    This the rallying cry for a nation,
    Be it in peace or revolution.
    Blacks are men, no longer cringing fools;
    They demand a place, not like weak tools;
    But among the world of nations great
    They demand a free self-governing state.
    Hurrah! Hurrah! Great Africa wakes;
    She is calling her sons, and none forsakes,
    But to colors of the nation runs,
    Even though assailed by enemy guns.
    Cry it loud, and shout it Ion' hurrah!
    Time has changed, so hail! New Africa !
    We are now awakened, rights to see:
    We shall fight for dearest liberty.
    Mighty kingdoms have been truly reared
    On the bones of blackmen, facts declared;
    History tells this awful, pungent truth,
    Africa awakes to her rights forsooth.
    Europe cries to Europeans, ho!
    Asiatics claim Asia, so
    Australia for Australians,
    And Africa for the Africans.
    Blackmen's hands have joined now together,
    They will fight and brave all death's weather,
    Motherland to save, and make her free,
    Spreading joy for all to live and see.
    None shall turn us back, in freedom's name,
    We go marching like to men of fame
    Who have given laws and codes to kings,
    Sending evil flying on crippled wings.
    Blackmen shall in groups reassemble,
    Rich and poor and the great and humble:
    Justice shall be their rallying cry,
    When millions of soldiers pass us by.
    Look for that day, coming, surely soon,
    When the sons of Ham will show no coon
    Could the mighty deeds of valor do
    Which shall bring giants for peace to sue
    Hurrah! Hurrah! Better times are near;
    Let us front the conflict and prepare;
    Greet the world as soldiers, bravely true:
    "Sunder not," Africa shouts to you.
    (A Poem by Marcus Garvey 1934)

    Halt! America !

    America of white men's rule,
    The God of Heaven calls to you;
    You used the black man as a tool,
    And proved of faith and love untrue.
    Your Christian faith is all a lie,
    If you do not some changes make;
    You brought us here to make us die,
    But God will save us for His sake.
    There is a call to make things right,
    And to your conscience we appeal:
    For peace we are, we want no fight,
    We ask you but the wound to heal.
    We've laboured long in many fields,
    To clear your waste and barren lands:
    We fought your wars with manly shields,
    But you've cast us off your hands.
    America will flourish great,
    If love and truth abide within;
    And so we call upon the State,
    To free itself from deadly sin.
    The Negro's cause is holy word,
    And God proclaims the mighty truth,
    The angels speak with flaming sword,
    And it is so to man forsooth.
    (A Poem by Marcus Garvey 1934)
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    :toast: Cheers to you Marcus :toast:

    Marcus, everything you ever said was tight,
    for we surely beginning to see the light

    Cause it's white, don't make it right
    we're now in a war... and it's our fight.

    We want not to fight, but they tied our hands
    and left us no choice but to take our stand.

    Return back to AFRICA...from which we came,
    return also back to our ORIGINAL name.

    Put all our Queens back on their throne,
    stop fighting their wars! ...Kings, come on home.

    As it was in the beginning, it shall be in the end
    step back America, AFRICANS ...coming back in!

    :spinstar: MARCUS :spinstar:

    We carved your name in pure GOLD
    through-out the world, your story is told.

    Thanks to you Goddess Isis333 for a refreshing burst of his wisdom
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    What we want is our just due, if it was going to be handed over to us, that would have happened all long ime ago. Thank you Goddess Isis for posting these words of strength and endurance from Marcus Garvey.
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    whoaaaaa! not a lyric was missed big ups Marcus
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    i love pieces like these where the writer takes time out to voice his/her opinion on stuff that matters. Just my kind of piece. this was dope.