Black Events : "Africa and the West” Conference on ************** Sunday

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    This Sunday, December 16, Uhuru Radio will devote it's full broadcast day to excerpts and analysis on the historic "Africa and the West" conference featuring keynote presentation by Omali Ye****ela. Listeners can tune in from 10a.m. - 5 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time via the internet at www.************** or via telephone by calling 425-905-1825 (U.S.) or 0820-068-4407 (UK).

    The day-long broadcast will feature excerpts from conference presenters including Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former Director General of UNESCO; Ms.Aminata Traore, ex-Minister of Culture and Tourism of Mali; Ms. Angelina Muganza, Secretary of State for the Development of Training and Labor in Rwanda; and Dr.Sami Nair, Professor of Political Science at the University of Paris.

    “Africa is not poor. Africa is being looted of natural and human resources! We ask you not to look at Africa with pitying eyes, but with eyes of outrage. We must change the relationship that Africa has with the West!” ​

    These were powerful words from the keynote presentation by Omali Ye****ela which opened the European Foundation for North-South Cooperation's 1st International Congress, entitled "Africa and the West:The Need for New Relationships", held November 14 -16, 2007 in Huelva, Spain.


    Omali Ye****ela is Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party and leader of the Uhuru Movement. Ye****ela is founder of the African Socialist International, which is organizing African people worldwide to build for one united Africa as the solution to the devastating problems facing Africa and African people everywhere.

    Ye****ela’s opening keynote address set the tone for the entire conference whose focus was on building a new economic and political relationship of Spain with Africa. Throughout his presentation, Ye****ela emphasized the fact that the devastating poverty and crises facing Africa and African people around the world today is the result of more than 500 years of European and American enslavement and colonial extraction.

    Based on Ye****ela’s presentation, other speakers addressed Africa in its broader historical context and began to look at solutions beyond charity and U.S. and European aid.

    As former UNESCO head Federico Zaragoza acknowledged:“The history of Africa is a history of domination, dependency and lack of solidarity. Once there was independence we should have also given economic, technical and media independence. But we retained the resources. We substituted aid with loans given in terrible conditions out of greed and a lack of solidarity. Instead of economic independence we have made Africa indebted.”

    Hear and discuss excerpts from Congress Plenary presenters, including:

    Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former Director General of UNESCO
    Ms. Aminata Traore, former Minister of Culture and Tourism of Mali
    Ms. Angelina Muganza, Secretary of State for the Development of Training and Labor, Rwanda
    Dr. Sami Nair, Professor of Political Science, University of Paris

    Hear excerpts from workshops on:

    Cooperation with Africa: Committment to the Future
    Mr. Ricardo Martínez Vázquez, General Director of Cooperation with África, Asia and Europe (AECI).
    Mr. Joaquín Rivas Rubiales, General manager AACI.

    Influence of the Mass Media on Africa-West Relations
    Mr. Juan José Téllez. Journalist, Director of “Andalusia without Borders ”
    Mr. Serge Alain Godong. French correspondent, Cameroon S-TV.
    Mr. Abuy Nfubea, President of the Pan Africanist Federation, Spain.

    The Historic Debt: Political and Economical Conditions of African Development

    International Cooperation and Millennium Development Objectives: Education, Health, Gender Equity, Sustainable Development, Poverty Eradication

    African and African Descendents Migrations